We could really do with the help for our dude Tim to make his documentary about the Baltimore Club scene.  Tim’s done a lot of the video’s for Generation Bass and other labels free of charge as a labour of love.

So here’s your chance to help him to help draw some late coverage on the Baltimore Club Scene.

He’s launched a “Kickstarter type” page in order to help him with funding.

It is very simple. Money will be used to help me pay the general costs of the shooting. Mostly the airplane tickets between Paris and Baltimore. It may help me to pay the costs of living during the shooting too, like car rental or food goods.

If a little monney remains, I will use it to edit a small DVD DIY edition, in order to broadcast the film anywhere I can. Of course, it will be donwloadable and streamable online, as I am a strong believer in Free Culture and Free distribution.

You can find all the info here:



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