AAAAHHH YEEEAAAAHHHH!!!! It’s that time again, a round-up through the FOOTWURK massive, for all those cats that think they Moombah is too slow, speed it up to 160 bpm and get the dancing shoes out yeassssss!!!!!! here we go:

first: check how this is done man, these lil KIDS can dance better than you!

Now we talkin – check out B•O•O•M•A right here with a solid banger:
FootWork (B.O.O.M.A JUKE rmx) by B•O•O•M•A

This next dude is SLICK SHOOTA from NORWAY and he’s dropping a bunch of serious bangers in his set right here, check it out and be sure to GRAB those cuts yes?
Free Downloads by Slick Shoota

and be sure to keep your eyes open for:
Murder Mark – Bad Bitches Drop It Low (Slick Shoota Remix) TEAZER by Slick Shoota

My homie UMB sent this joint over, he LOVES prince – as you will probably know, so this goes out to UMB!!

Prince & The Revolution – I Would Die 4 U (Kaptain Cadillac Remix) by Kaptain Cadillac

DJ Lil’Tal – Pop Yo Back (Kaptain Cadillac Remix) by Kaptain Cadillac

this is some VERY SICK SPACE SCI FI JUKE from Moondoctor, amazing JUKE
Ate Oh Wait Robots -Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde by Tony Mundaca/MoonDoctoR

and another banger by this dude:
Ridin’ Music Footwork (Ride to it) by Tony Mundaca/MoonDoctoR

A joint by our homie BIG DOPE P – bringing the fiyah as usual – this has been out for some while though – but hey, its a free download, so go grab ittt:
Big Dope P – Let Me Flush Dat [Moveltraxx, 2010] by Big Dope P

WANNA JUKE? here’s some free stuff thats superb. Built from samples of old soul and funk records, grab this awesome stuff by PATRICE & FRIENDS:

A new banger by RASHAD & MANNY, grab this one quick and play it LOUD…
Rashad & Manny – Had My Way12 Snip by TEKLIFE(DJRashad)

I just needed to inlude this lil gem as well:
Jhene Aiko – My Mine (Cabo Blanco Juke It Out Bootleg) by Cabo Blanco

and to close off this thang right now, some cool acid/techno JUKE by DYLABS:
Footwork by DyLABs

if you got bangers, send the links to our twitter feed ok? @generationbass is our direct HOTLINE!


  1. nice nice nice, keepin us posted on what’s becoming one of my favorite genres in the game, and only reason i know about it is because of your series on footwork!

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