BOOM… Massive month once again with tracks and releases from most of the ChipBass heavy hitters plus some newcomers and two great mixes. New Chipbass logo by KeFF [art+music] (background image from Pixel Troopers)


The main man 486 makes a return to these posts with a new release to raise funds for a bassmobile. The idea being converting a mobile library into a recording and production studio on wheels to educate and spread bass across the united states. The release covers a whole lot of genres but personally I think it is strongest at its skweee/skwømp moments (track 3 is a particular favourite). So support a good Bass related cause and buy this release.




This fellow from Seattle has written some of my favourite chipbass tracks over the years, so I am really looking forward to this new Tropical inspired release. You can preview two tracks below.. Tropical Skwømpin’ ..

skwonkattack by firedrill

skwompy by firedrill


Daddy Long Legs + Ethernet

From the Portland crew behind Battery Powered Music comes this Dub/Ambient chip release. Daddy Long Legs who is known for some great dubby chip songs joined forces with ambient artist Ethernet for a very Chill and relaxing release.



Latvian mad man Kodek delivers again with this new free EP. Like a companion piece to last months Bleep Street release it delivers a few more incredibly well produced hard hitting instrumental ChipBangers. A Cheapshot remix tones it down with a slightly more dub styled vibe as a break from the insanity. As a free release this is a no brainer.. get it now!



I have debated with myself as to whether or not to cover more beats oriented “fakebit” in these posts and I think this release really turned my decision. Even though the artist may not position himself as a chip artist this has many chip influences that really grabbed my attention. I know very little about this artist except for the fact that he is apparently 16!



While on the Beats tip this Australian artist has a few very solid Chip style tracks that are up on his Soundcloud. One is a remix by Russian Bleep king Pixelord that is from a forthcoming release on influential Sydney label “The Frequency Lab”. The second is a freebie that beautifully combines hiphop beats and wonky bleeps.

Play with power by Elliot .

Elliot ‘Who 8 my bits” (pixelord remix) by Elliot .



Adelaide based artist and inventor little-scale posted this amazing experiment showing what the Sega Mega Drive is capable of in terms of nasty growling bass. Can’t wait for other people to get there hands on this tool and churn out some tracks!
Download the track here



I haven’t been posting a lot of these because since last year there has been a lot of very average Chipstep. This one to me stood out containing all round good sound design and a great vibe to the whole thing.. Hopefully will see this artist progress even further.

Moons (chipstep) by SHELLSHOCK8bit


Submerse – Tokyopop! (Cheapshot Chipmix) by No District >

This track is absolutely incredible!! A remix of a nice little future-garage tune from Submerse released on No District. Cheapshot pulls in delivering his signature sound but raising the bar to a track that wouldn’t be out of place alongside any other club style release. I cannot actually find it for download anymore but was on Boomkat and Juno about a month ago?!?


Jahtari Mix

Finally here is a Mix of great Chip Dub tunes from legendary label Jahtari.. such a great flow to this mix Digital Reggae for the video game generation.


Chip Ba$$ Mixtape

This is a mix I put together a few months ago containing a whole bunch of classic and essential ChipBass tracks.. Think of it as your introduction to all the facets of ChipBass, from heavy chipstep to laid-back dub and everything in-between.

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