Can you feel the chill in the air? Can you feel the fear shared by all those around you? Does it feel like impending doom and damnation is near? Then you’re probably at one of the “occupy” protests. If you’re not then you’re probably right smack in the middle of the inescapable Halloween festivities (WAY better then Christmas)! Getting the costume ready for the office party, house party or one of the million events we all have in our bloated FaceBook notification inboxes? Whatever it is you’re going to do remember this is the best season by far! I love it and always have since childhood. The debauchery and the humor give me hope for our human race. Making light of fear and mortality (the two things that haunt us throughout the year) is honest and therapeutic.

With just a few more days left before we start the Christmas advertising onslaught let’s take this moment in the year to really truly have a great time. And for all of you who are performing over the weekend GIVE THEM HELL!

I’ve been collecting carefully for this post for the past few weeks. A lot of you stepped up and shared some spooky and fun tracks. However without further ado I share my Halloween themed findings!

Lost Chicos Altos shared their THE SCREAM earlier this month and made a special cumbia-step version just for us. It’s dark, it’s evil, it’s awesome and it’s a wonderful tribute to the Hitchcock classic Psycho.

Keeping with the psycho theme perfectly El Gran Pirujo produced an edit of PSYCHO KILLER by one of my all time favorite bands and influences THE TALKING HEADS. My favorite part is the outro.

I was a HUGE HALLOWEEN movie junkie back in the day. I love John Carpenter’s movies. I grew up watching his stuff. With respect to PYSCHO, he tuly revolutionized the slasher horror genre. Michael Myers (not Mike) was the prototype that many villains later followed. I’m grateful that 805 tackled the HALLOWEEN theme because I was hoping someone would. All the other renditions were not appropriate for this blog post but 805’s definitely is.

Going now towards the supernatural and who better to start with than witches? Who better to start with than Los Macuanos? The answer is obvious. That’s why I start the witch trials with Los Macuanos’s brilliant work simply and accurately titled WITCH.

After that eerie piece the best to feature next is the witch that has become a legend and a cult classic. The Blair Witch! I remember honestly no matter what people say now, how much this movie messed people up. It terrified us and messed with our heads. I know there are many liars today claiming to have not been bothered by the movie but I know the truth. I remember well. The great Pa Kongal presented his homage to the movie. If you haven’t heard it yet it’ll definitely be downloaded by you soon after you listen to it.

Cybernetiko captured the voice of the antichrist (no not my voice) and shared it over a cumbia beat with plenty of electronic accompaniment. Be careful not to believe this otherwise you’ll be viewed as a conspiracy nut-case (which is okay if that’s what you’re into I guess).

Christopher Lee was my favorite Dracula. With no disrespect to the great Bela Lugosi but Christopher had more fun with the character and his movies involved darker themes and more gore. Spike Devil Disco produced a fuzzy dark contribution to the ethos of the most famous vampire. I love what Spike is doing these days. He’s entering new worlds and because of that he’s bringing us fresh material.

Dagon was a Philistine god or rather demigod that appears a few times in the Old Testament. It was written that in the Tower of Babel he had a shrine for his priests and worshipers. His temple was the one that Sampson destroyed. The priest’s head-dress strongly resembles the pope’s and bishops of today. H.P. Lovecraft wrote about his a few times like in his classic story The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Also a few movies have been made. He was a fish god living deep beneath the sea with a secret order of worshipers living upon the land. This is my homage to the exciting mythos of Dagon.

Let us not forget the world’s overwhelming cinematic favorite creature of horror, the zombie. I was just thinking yesterday that there are too damn many zombie movies. I know I watched way too many too. The reason is I love them too much. I’ve had hundreds of zombie nightmares due to the countless times I’ve watched zombie movies. I’ve even made short zombie films when I was younger. I love and respect George Romero just as much as the next guy and of course Dario Argento too. But that all being said I wouldn’t mind to see less zombie movies made in the future just so we can keep the good legendary ones more special and respected. Zombie music however is a different story. Bring on more! Spike Devil Disco delivers again!

Nrmal released a new mix earlier this week featuring the spooky skills of Los Macuanos. It turned out to be a great idea. There aren’t enough Los Macuanos mixes out there for me to be satisfied. What better way to celebrate the Halloween season than to do so with HAUNTED SOUNDS! POR LOS MACUANOS?!

Another great mix from one of my favorite mix masters comes from the mind of Will Eede. One of the three WEPA group’s leaders, Will delivers the ambient side of cumbia. Strong with melancholia, ambience and melody this mix is perfect for the season. Can you hear the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS theme in the beginning?

Will’s mix brings out the ghostly theme in this blog. To continue with the cosmic ghostly feeling CUMBIA CON ACORDEON fits perfectly. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking it’s not dark because it truly is. Pa Kongal never ceases to satisfy my thirst for new sounds.

El Barba dub seems to love to go deep and I seem to love that about him. While not necessarily being spooky I still wanted to share his new work because not only is it great but it has that dark feeling I was looking for.

Halloween is about having fun with the things about life that scares us. At least that’s what Halloween has become (that and slutty costumes). Disney enjoyed the magic of the season, making it a perfect time to entertain children and the childlike feeling we adults possess. The Haunted Mansion always was my favorite attraction mostly due to the nostalgia involved. For some reason it always brings back a certain feeling inside me I can’t quite describe. So I made an homage to the classic attraction that celebrates ghosts, zombies and haunted mansions.

One track nearly escaped me but fortunately I received it just in time with Halloween still upon a lot of us. This blog post wouldn’t be complete without it. Turbo Sonidero Futuritico blows it up with a cumbia homage to the television show that gave me more nightmares than any other when I was a child. Tales of the Darkside or rather Dark Side de Tumbia!


I wish to use this portion of the blog to direct your attention to my friend Sonido Chichadelico’s annual compilation of chicha Halloween tracks. This is his second year doing so. As I’ve expressed several times in the past, I love chicha. Check it out CHICHALLOWEEN VOL. 2!


Thank you to all that contacted me with your Halloween music. I really do appreciate it very much and loved this whole process. We have a lot of cool tracks here for the Halloween season.

During my focus on this blog post I collected a lot of great tracks that I couldn’t post this week due to the nature of this specific post. However next week I have a lot of brilliant tracks to share.  Next week is going to be massive!

Have a fun and safe Halloween. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and laugh at your fears because they’re gonna come right back to you starting November 1st!







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