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Okay, welcome back to the Church of MoombahLuV, Part II is upon us now.

I had as much pleasure, this time, as I did the first time around, in putting this second volume together.  This concept really has taken a life of its own and I think people will probably appreciate it much more with the passing of time, well I hope so.  I think it can stand the test of time and remain as relevant 3 years from now.

Moombahluv is not really a sub-genre BUT it can be if you so will it to be.  It’s for that rainy windswept day when you’ve been blown out or are feeling down or just need some luv & a hug.  This compilation is a hug from me to you 🙂 It’s for loners, just like me, who dream fantastic dreams and feel that anything is possible but always with a sense of vulnerability and humility.

Here’s a teaser mix to provide you with an insight into what it is all about:

Generation Bass Presents MoombahLuV VoL II – Excerpts Promo Mix – DJ UMB by djumb

Thank YOU for listening once again and thanks to all the artists who contributed these amazing tracks, Neil Queen-Jones for the Foreword, DJ Sheppa for the awesome artwork and also to my dude, my brother,Vincent Koreman, for putting up with my huge EGO and my bitch fits ahahhaa..


Enough bs from me and now onto some real words from a man who has a natural way with them.

Foreword by Neil Queen-Jones

Dance music as we know it has always needed to prove itself. After the acid house boom the taunt was that it couldn’t sell albums – Orbital and The KLF soon shot that notion down. Every single genre since then has had to stare down dissenters, so the onus would always be on Moombahton to prove that it amounts to more than an airhorn and a dem bow rhythm. But this scene is about defying convention at every turn, so it comes as no surprise it’s already actioned its own evolution, and Generation Bass, always at the sharp end of this new tropical explosion, set down a marker for progression and a sign of Moombahton coming of age with Moombahluv Vol.1, which amended the template, setting a new path for a more mature sound, one that wasn’t reliant on bangers, one that stood up to scrutiny.

Volume 2 was a given, and Gen Bass has ensured there’s been no compromise or drop-off in quality. A compilation that soundtracks and shapes this exciting scene, it represents the true scope of the creative minds at work, ranging from Heartbreak’s glacial soul stylings through to Big Makk’s core-tinged expansion of the sweeping melodics of Lykke Li, this captures the mood of a movement. With artists like Riot Earp, Ben Tactic, Stlkrfxxx, Jamrock and others involved, Moombahluv Vol.2 creates a startling vision of where this thing may find itself in the coming month and years to come.



The Final instalment, Moombahluv Volume III, will be scheduled for a St Valentines Day Massacre on February 14th 2012 and so send me your MoombahLuV tunage to [email protected] for the finale!

“Journeys end in lovers meeting, Every wise man’s son doth know.”

Twelfth Night, Act II, Sc. III

For the un-cultured (lol):

Once you realize you are meant to be together, you can stop looking for each other 🙂


Once you find who it is you love, the journey will be done!

[GFX by Dj Sheppa]

Dj Sheppa has been holding down one of Kansas City’s longest running Moombahton parties called BODY2BODY & also has a midweek party called MIDWEEK MOOMBAH. In other words as he puts it, “I’m a moombahfreak & I like to help out the scene with what I can.” With designs for Heartbreak’s Moombahsoul comp. Vol 2 & 3, plus one for LeDoom, and now this…he is definitely on track to put his visual stamp on the genre. Much love or should we say Moombahluv!



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