Culprate – ‘Colours’ – Out Now on Gradient Audio:
New experimental release including shades of
IDM/Glitch/Dubstep/Breakbeat/Downtempo …
BUY the full album at Juno

My personal faves thus far:

Shades of Brown

Green (The Urban Rainforest)


More from the album below – BUY the ‘Full’ album Here

CULPRATE – Soundcloud/Bio:
“Culprate’s musical intuition started at the age of just 13, when he decided to learn the guitar. By the age of 15, Culprate’s passion and creativity really came into bloom as he was introduced to electronic music production at college. From then on it was just a matter of time before his driven persona and growing production skills resulted in fantastic dub step anthems, tearing their way through clubs around the world.

Having established several releases already on respected dubstep record labels like ‘Dubsaw,’ Culprate has already marked his territory in the dubstep scene. However, he is far from content, admitting recently he would love to get his hands on some hardware to take his production to the next level. And with influences ranging from Squarepusher to Amon Tobin, only Culprate could tell you what sort of production the future holds. But from what we’ve seen already, we know it’ll be good.”

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