Ultrabusy so not really had a chance to check out any new tapes this week, so here’s a couple of older ones I’ve had on rotation for a while but never posted from Subculture Sounds and Jimi Handtrix / Berlin Dubstep Allstars with tropical house and dubstep mixes, plus one of mine recorded at the weekend in Bristol on a mostly Moombah tip.

Subculture Sounds

Tropical house vybz out of Nottingham…

Subculture Sounds – Return of the Carnival MIXTAPE by Subculture Sounds

1. Oumou Sangare – Ah Ndiya (Subculture Sounds remix)
2. Filtertypen – After Laughter
3. Malente & Dex – In Nightclubs
4. Subculture Sounds – shotgun
5. Schlachthofbronx – Chambacu
6. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto – Paris Luanda
7. Subculture Sounds – Tail Gater
8. Tim Turbo – Husg (Douster 90s Dancehall Remix)
9. Toots & The Maytals – Pressure Drop
10. Mighty Dub Katz – Magic Carpet Ride
11. Subculture Sounds – Subculture Soul
12. Buscemi – Sahib Balkan
13. Noze & Riva Starr – Dring Dring
14. Black Rose – Anthem
15. Quantic – Mi Swing es Tropical (Subculture Sounds Remix)

Jimi Handtrix / Berlin Dubstep Allstars

Just some straight up dubstep… Leon Frick’s Grim Reaper is a fantastic chunky slice of Monkey Island-step. Funnily enough despite living in Bristol, Berlin was the first place I heard any Dubstep…

Berlin Dubstep Allstars – Volume Two by Berlin Dubstep Allstars


01 – Genys – Change 4 Good
02 – M.E.S.P. Fuso – Movin’ Indian Dub
03 – Enigma Dubs – Badness (Seny Remix)
04 – Leon Frick – Grim Reaper
05 – Worm – Contact
06 – Kid Atari – Kiss Of Death
07 – Shu – All I Want To Do
08 – Lung – Science of Living (Sy.Ic Remix)
09 – Needrux – Kush Kush
10 – Catesby – Outside
11 – CFR – Nevermore
12 – Sadhu – You Are Not Machines
13 – Jahcoozi – Day In Day Out
14 – Jazzsteppa Vs. Borgore – Shamen
15 – Symbiz Sound – Bass Kung Fu (ft. Zhi MC)


I’m not being intentionally self-serving here, just lazy… the self-serving part is an unintended consequence 🙂 Live mix from Saturday night in Bristol, mostly Moombah based with a heavy sprinkling of Balkan dembow action.

DOWNLOAD: andykisaragi live at Arc

dj shotnez – sirens 7
sharps – dembo
boogat – dos cervesas
dolomites – in mid-flight 723
den5hion – hazmelo
the bumps – suckaz never play me
dembowsky – bambata (di di di dj edit)
wilman de jesus – walk like an egyptian
shazalakazoo – bang
chong x – balkanizer
fat and ugly – indian giants (jabo edit)
mark reeve – carlito (dj apt one remix)
superstereo – goran in the disco club (neki edit)
high rankin – don’t carry on like a rudeboy (guapo feo edit)
chantelle & abbas – tokolezea
stylo-g – call mi a yardie (dj meds remix) (chong x shanty town riddim)

Thugstep: Aleon Craft & George Clinton – “Make It Out” (Produced by SMKA)

Aleon Craft has been quietly building steam in Atlanta, and getting tons of exposure outside of his hometown. I heard about this project MONTHS ago, and bugged out when it finally dropped. Why they’re letting this go for free download on Soundcloud is beyond me, but spread it around and give it spins. This one is HUGE. Shouts to the homie SMKA for lacing me with this. Check his Soundcloud as well… some humongous tunes there.

Aleon Craft & George Clinton – “Make It Out” by SMKA


Sazon Booya – Moonlight EP

Sazon Booya’s new EP. Man it sounds a hell of a lot different to what I was expecting but I really like the sound of it. Sounds far more commercial than expected but that can be a good thing as it has potential to reach many more new ears and I think it defintely will do just that!

Fave track for me is BOMBO TIEMPO, murder the dancefloors!

There’s a free download below, check out the sounds and here’s what they say:

After the support and love we were shown with our first EP, La Bomba, we went back to work on a new project. Altogether we created about 15-20 new songs that we loved, went on tours with skrillex, munchi, nadastrom, dillon francis and 12th planet, made alot of new friends and worked with tons of talented people. So with that being said we are happy to present you with The Moonlight EP. The title track is a moombahsoul single featuring original vocalist Anna Yvette. We’ve dabbled in moombahsoul before but we wanted to really take a stab at it the right way. “Get That Beat” is another song featuring Anna Yvette. The track covers alot of ground from prog house inspired chords, big moombahton build up, jump style drums and spanish guitars with some pianos for breaks. Next is “In Your Eyes” which is typical Sazon Booya styled moombahton. We’ve been playing that track for a while and were happy to get it out. Last but not least is “Bombo Tiempo”, our collaboration with ATL producer MUST DIE. Bombo was made thru the internet in a matter of hours, the track to us is a mixture of whats “In” right now but with our own twist to it. In closing we’d just like to say thank you to the fans for making this possible and making us popular enough to live out our dreams.

Sazon Booya – Moonlight EP by Sazon Booya

Juke Renaissance

Hi, my name is Peter and this is my first post on Generation Bass,an opportunity given me by DJ UMB him self (maximum respect BTW).

People know me rather as a shy, quiet, down- tempo, Balkan type of sentimental sensitive gentleman who likes shopping and romance novels.

However, while I was lighting my morning cigar with the welding torch I realized how funny people look when they trying to pick up their teeth with broken fingers.
So now you know what time it is ….IT’S JUKE TIME!

I’m not going to explain what Juke is or what it means, because I hate definitions in music. When I first heard the music, I found it more curious than compelling, and dismissed it as yet another quirky kind of dance music that would end up having it’s 15 minutes of U.K. fame and end up quickly fading off the global dance music scene (grime, anyone?).

There is a common problem people have with understanding the appeal of the genre was that it was necessary to experience it in an ideal context. Juke does not belong to a club it belongs to the underground parking lots. DJ’s perform in an intimate basement venue with low ceilings, dim lights, and an array of subwoofers to accommodate the extreme low frequencies. Unlike most electronic dance music, where your average pussy ipod will give you a fairly good idea of what the music might sound like in a club venue, juke artists resist such easy objectification by working with frequencies that go far beyond the capabilities of most home audio systems.

My opinion about dance music is that it leans toward the metaphysical, spiritual. Contemporary, underground electronic dance music like Kuduro, baile-funk, moombahton, and juke, serve as a kind of public ritual. In my experience, the most successful of these events suggest a collapsing of our perception of both time and space, producing the feeling of having been at this time, this place, already and again; the ritual is about creating a sense of place that is not confined by socio-political or geographic boundaries as if we were one single organism…….LOLz

Here is an interview with one the of the originators RP BOO

here is one of he’s tunes from Bangs&Works compilation available on Planet Mu

and here is a fantastic video put together by young crew called TRIBE a bunch of very young and smart dudes that are about 100 years ahead of me LOL

Here is another originator of the Juke pure genius DJ Rashad

And here is my horrible mix that I put together as I was writing this LOL


Dubstep from New Zealand fusing traditional Maori music and instruments with the Persian Oud and elements of Dubstep!

For those who might not know, Maori people are the idigenous people of New Zealand and their population is around half a million.

The track is called ‘Tuhoronuku’!

Tuhoronuku’ fuses waiata tawhito and puoro (traditional Maori singing and instruments) with the instruments and scales of Persia, and the cutting edge drum and bass of dubstep. The song is a collabortation between Maori musicians Tiopira McDowell and Hohepa Stevens, Persian Oud player Sam Kirwan and Samoan percussionist Talaniko Ama.The lyrics speak of the infighting and factionalism the Northern Maori tribe of Ngapuhi face in the present day, and the negative consequences this has for the children and elders of the tribe. Rather than pointing the finger, the song travels back 1000 years in time to the founding ancestors of the tribe, and the divisions created then that exist to this day.credits

released 25 November 2011

Vocals / Melodica / Djembe / Programming – Tiopira

Oud – Sam Kirwan

Porotiti – Hohepa Stevens

Shaker – Talaniko Ama

We give so much away here and sometimes, we just gotta make an exception and stop and so there is no free download of this.  Please support the scene and put your hand in your pocket for this one.

Transnational Dub Step: Dub Sharma(Free download)

Dub Sharma A.K.A Siddharth is an Electronica Producer / Audio Engineer from Chandigarh, India. He was introduced to the world in the year 2010 with his track Raaz (feat. Jeetu Ramachandran) and Onda Janda on The Friction Show, BBC Asian Network, UK under the BBC Introducing Initiative. Since then, he won remarkable response from all over the world and his composition, Raaz made it to The Best of BBC, 2010 charts. His debut composition “Raaz” was finally signed on to and released on Monkey Dub Recording, Montreal, Canada soon after. Dub Sharma belongs to a middle class family in Chandigarh who raised both of their kids with a regular dose of Punjabi folk and Indian Classical music. Dub Sharma doesn’t have any formal training in music but regularly attended his younger brother’s Tabla Riyaaz sessions. During the regular course of his convent education in high school, he took part in Christmas Carol singing competitions. Apart from school, he attended and took part in Bhajan discourses in local temples. He was an 8th grader when he entered the electronic domain and started using different beat programs to produce Hip Hop and Bhangra. He joined a Bachelor’s program in Computer Applications as he got out of school. During his college hours, he used to slip out of the college during the break hour to work with the community radio station in Chandigarh. He also gradually started editing and mixing background music and sound effects for local theatre acts. He started producing and remixing radio jingles and promotions for commercial radio stations and production houses. After completing his second year of his Bachelor’s Program in Computers, he dropped out of college to pursue his interest. He took admission into an Audio Engineering college to learn about the recording technology in Mumbai. While studying in the college, he composed background music for a TV channel and programmed music for a Bollywood project. During all this, he collaborated with Jeetu Ramachandran, who was then quite active in the South Indian music industry as a vocalist and a fellow student at the audio college to produce the song “Raaz”. Dub Sharma composed Raaz on a bamboo flute and recorded it. He wrote the lyrics himself and laid down the track for Jeetu to sing on it. “Breath of Fresh Air”, said Bobby Friction, BBC Asian Network, U.K, who also recommended the track to The Tom Robinson Show, BBC 6 Music. Dub Sharma recently started performing along with his younger brother Satyan Sharma (Tabla Player) and has started DJing too.

Here is the choon from Siddharth that should blow da shizz of your chops,
If you want to download it just click on the “buy this track” button ,it will take you to the free download site:
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/16337617″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=000000″ width=”100%” height=”81″ ]


I’ve been into this dude, Barbarix for a few years now.  He is based local to me in the West Midlands.  We stuck him on our Transnational Dubstep compilation and his track was one of my faves on that.  He has been all over BBC Radio 1 on Mary Anne Hobbes show etc.

He is not just a Dubstep producer but a very talented Ambient Electronica artist too as these tracks below will testify.

He is certainly  a name to watch out for in the future cause as he matures, so will his sound and I’m waiting for a masterpiece to drop from him one day soon in the imminent future.

Watch This Space!!!!


At the age of eighteen Steven started producing Happy Hardcore which led to him DJ’ing all around the Midlands. Then he heard Mary Anne Hobbs on her BBC Radio1 show. The sound she was supporting totally changed his whole outlook on music and made him realize that you don’t have to stick to certain formulas to make good music. This is when he started producing his own interpretation of Dubstep, IDM, Ambient and Sci-fi Glitch under the guise of Barbarix. Since then he has had airplay on a number of internet radio stations in England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Florida, Atlanta, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine and regular plays on Radio1 and the Asian network by Mary Anne Hobbs, Bobby Friction & Nihal and Radio1’s ‘IN NEW DJ’S WE TRUST’ DJ Nerm. Barbarix has also been a feature artist on Rob Booth’s well respected Electronic Explorations podcast.

With Every Waterfall Comes A Rainbow by BARBARIX


Picture Perfect by BARBARIX


The Generation Chill series continues with some extraordinary vybz courtesty of this UK duo, Hiatus & Shura brought to my attention, yet again by my good friend, Anna Kurchaska.

Shura’s voice is just so heart-melting and melancholic, I get chills down my spine each time I hear her sing.  She is a vocalist to keep your eye on and you need to monitor her progress.

Hiatus creates the most gorgeous musical landscapes that evoke some of the beautiful imagery associated with falling autumnal leaves.

This is a perfect autumn soundtrack to prep you for your winter hibernation.  Get under the covers and snuggle up to the beautiful sounds you’ll hear here and let the warmth glow in your heart.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Hiatus and Shura – First by Hiatus

Hiatus and Shura: Fortune’s Fool by Hiatus

FREE DOWNLOAD: Hiatus and Shura – For The Sake Of Your Sons by Hiatus

Hiatus & Shura – Fortune’s Fool (Danny Drive Thru Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by shura

Shura – March (Demo) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by shura

Shura – River (Demo) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by shura