Sazon Booya – Moonlight EP

Sazon Booya's new EP. Man it sounds a hell of a lot different to what I was expecting but I really like the sound of it. Sounds far more commercial than expected but that can be a good thing as it has potential to reach many more new ears and I think it defintely will do just that!Fave track for Read more [...]

Juke Renaissance

Hi, my name is Peter and this is my first post on Generation Bass,an opportunity given me by DJ UMB him self (maximum respect BTW).People know me rather as a shy, quiet, down- tempo, Balkan type of sentimental sensitive gentleman who likes shopping and romance novels.However, while I was lighting Read more [...]


Dubstep from New Zealand fusing traditional Maori music and instruments with the Persian Oud and elements of Dubstep!For those who might not know, Maori people are the idigenous people of New Zealand and their population is around half a million.The track is called 'Tuhoronuku'!Tuhoronuku' fuses Read more [...]


[Artwork by: (]All the way from the Land of The Rising Sun, Japan, comes our next EP from the magnificent Himuro.More info soon.For now:Follow him here:Soundcloud: Himuro YoshiteruFB:!/pages/Himuro-Yoshiteru/15079929966And Read more [...]


I've been into this dude, Barbarix for a few years now.  He is based local to me in the West Midlands.  We stuck him on our Transnational Dubstep compilation and his track was one of my faves on that.  He has been all over BBC Radio 1 on Mary Anne Hobbes show etc.He is not just a Dubstep producer Read more [...]


The Generation Chill series continues with some extraordinary vybz courtesty of this UK duo, Hiatus & Shura brought to my attention, yet again by my good friend, Anna Kurchaska.Shura's voice is just so heart-melting and melancholic, I get chills down my spine each time I hear her sing.  She Read more [...]