What do you get when you cross a falsetto Prince with George Clinton, Plantlife, Parliament, Funkadelic & pure FUNK with Skweee…..?

Well you get this!!!

This stuff is just remarkable and it hasn’t left my i-pod, my B&O car stereo or my computer since I had it a few months back.  It’s simply one of the best things I’ve heard in this kind of genre since, well, since that last Plantlife album.

It’s not from the States but from FINLAND and it’s INCREDIBLE!

I want more of this and I just really hope they get around to making a cover of Lady Cab Driver as I suggested to Randy, man that would just be the icing on the cake.

Honestly, don’t sleep on this one, there’s NO HYPE in anything I said above, besides you already know we don’t hype on these here pages.  This is something you really need to check out and that you need, simple!

The album comes out on 4th December on bookmat and other like-minded stores.

BMMB: Horse Power teaser snippet (BMMB: Dirty Seconds HRMN-17) by Harmönia

I can’t wait for you to hear the WHOLE album but you’ll have to wait until at least the 4th December release date 🙁 and in the meantime, just put up with me bleating on about it.

Read the PR below and watch the weird video, not quite sure what to make of the vid, I thought something funkier and more gameboy would have been more appropriate and cool but each to their own.


Now this is some heavy shit. Honest to God. The luvin’ legion of hot and bothered slime creatures, ghost groovers and winged horses has landed!

Some refer to BMMB:s music as funk, some call it skweee, but in the end it’s modern modern soul. It comes from a place where heavy crunk beats make love to sticky synthesizer leads and angel-like falsetto singing. So far BMMB has mesmerized club and festival audiences around Europe. BMMB’s only EP (HRMN-7) released in 2009 received amazing amounts of love from educated players such as Modeselektor to mention a hot name. Now BMMB is back with their long-awaited and long-prepared debut-album Dirty Seconds on Harmönia.

BMMB stands for Barracuda, Mesak and Michael Black.

Randy Barracuda: Best-known as a member of the electro funkateers Imatran Voima and one of the pioneers of the skweee –movement.

Mesak: Known as a solo-artist from his releases on Klakson, CEO of Harmönia and a member of the electro group Mr Velcro Fastener.

Michael Black Electro: Poetry in motion. Best known as a member of the hiphop -avantgardists Ceebrolistics and for his solo -productions on Black Acre –records.



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