Sorry it’s gonna be a MIX DAY today as Andy will follow up with his definitive mixes post, which is always gonna be hard to compete with.  I don’t know what he has come up with this week but I think unless, it’s something truly spectacular, I might just have pipped him with this one, this week.

A truly awesome mix taking me the roots of what got me into dance music in the first place, Middle Eastern vyz.  I got to say some of the best gigs of my life as a DJ were those where I used to drop Arabic vybz in festival rooms to kids expecting Electro/Techno or DnB.   I come in and drop Arabic House…BooooM..and the kids are going nuuutz!  They never heard it before but they are going APE!

This mix kinda like takes me back to those days albeit this is more hip-hop and dancehall influenced but it’s a beauty!

My bro’ SaBBo brought it to my attention and so thanks SaBBo but it looks like my other brother Dub Gabriel got to it before us for his Destroy All Concepts Blog and so Gabe, well spotted!

The DJ is from Israel and it’s so great to see him mixing up Israeli & Palestinian & Arabic stuff with all sorts of European Global Bass stuff.  I just wish people could integrate freely just like in this mix.

Ido Wido – Dabkes & Darbukas Mix by IdoWido

01. Unknown Artist – Untitled (Bedouin Wedding Songs)
02. Butch – Chakra (Deep Down Beatles Cut)‏
03. Kahn – Sepia
04. Emalkay – Crusader (Levels)
05. Dunya Yunis – Abu Zelu‏f
06. Lennie De Ice – We Are IE (Caspa & Rusko Remix)
07. Chaba Fadela & Cheb Sahraoui – N’Sel Fik
08. Bjork – Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Remix)
09. Machinedrum Feat. Melo-X – Let It (Acapella)
10. Filastine Feat. Rabah – B’talla
11. Dorrough – Ice Cream Paint Job (Acapella)
12. Donovan Vendetta Bennet – Egyptian Riddim Version
13. Outkast – Elevators (Me & You) (Acapella)
14. Yair Dalal & Tarab Ensemble – Shadi
15. Yard Vybz Ent Limited – Badda Don Riddim Version
16. OC – Times Up (Acapella)
17. Mos Def – The Embassy
18. Mr. Flash – Couscous‏
19. Congorock Feat. Lexx – Babylon (Lexxapella)
20. Cham – Man A Man (Acapella)
21. Beats Antique – Egyptic
22. Schlachthofbronx – Nasty Bass
23. Maddslinky Feat. Tawiah – Further Away (Acappella)
24. ‏Big Youth – Lee A Low
25. Petey Pablo – Raise Up (Instrumental)
26. Lil Wayne – Up Up And Away
27. Seun Kuti – Rise (Swizz Beatz Remix)
28. Bedouin Jerry Can Band – Ya El Yaleladana
29. Chrissy Murderbot – Braaain
30. Leftside & Shaggy – Jump Up Around
31. Ziad Rahbani – Solo Tabla


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