Some kid with big hair who likes to make weird music. "Me dicen el desaparecido, fantasma que nunca esta."

It’s got Munchi’s name on the post, but I think he was having some technical problems embedding the vid and so I’ve (DJ UMB) taken over to finish it.

This is just a beautiful look at the humble home life of a Genius Producer whizz kid. This dude, Munchi, is not just here for today or next year, imho, he is going to have an enduring impact upon the EDM scene for as long as he remains interested in it. He is totally unique and refreshing and I firmly believe he will continue to be throughout his career because he doesn’t like to repeat the same thing too often.

This is very moving stuff, an insight into the practical day to day life of a genius, future superstar producer and his mother is wonderful!


I was still making it lol, but if you don’t mind imma just add the text under here brother!
Thanks so much for the kind words Umb-ahtonista!!

So some time ago I did this thing for “My Son The DJ” for Vice and Jagermeister.
The plan was that my mother would be in it and basicly about her thoughts on what I am doing.
I got this mail from Mirla on the 11th of February and she asked me if I was down to do it.
Of course I was down! Since I was waiting on a oppertunity like this to get my mom involved aswell! At the time I was still in Hawaii and a couple of days later I had the seizure.

So after a long delay we got in touch again and this time my wife was in Holland, so it would be awesome to make it happen! It sucks that it didn’t work out tho, but it was for the best – I wasn’t recovered yet.

After that I was actually doubting if it ever was going to happen lol, because I was away on a gig or I was in Hawaii and she had a deadline to catch and was on holiday for a long time aswell. Luckily it all worked out at Valtifest in Amsterdam and I finally met Mirla lol! A little bit later they came to my house, accompanied with the camera dude Bas and we made it happen! Also the timing was perfect, because the first Moombahton Massive in Rotterdam was a fact!! Not only that, it was the first real Moombahton party in the whole country!! My dude Heartbreak was there aswell and he said a lil something on the camera – while in his pyjamas LOL. Also if you are sharp on the eyes you see a lil cameo of Brenmar and also my dudes from the Bomb Diggy Crew!

Most important of course, I’m really proud to have my mom in it and I feel like this video really was on point! I hope you guys like it as much as we enjoyed making it!!


  1. haha I know, but what I mean to say with that is the Moombahton Massive of course which is the party for Moombahton in the US!!

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