This EP whole ep was pretty much made on the tour in europe. This Ep is about having fun again. Taking a break from the soul, and the core, and focusing back on making people shake their ass and have fun. i decided to go more electro on this one. On this ep, I have JWLS, J-Trick, Sluggo, Nerd Rage and MY man Crisis kid, join in on the fun.

1 “That Heartbreak”. This track right here, is basically me having fun. If you ever seen me rocking out live, you know I am character. I decided to take elements of moombahton, and mix it with dirty south, and dutch house. I gotta little dance for this too.. This track is basically touching three crowds, the moombah crowd, the hood, and the house crowd.. its all about the bleepy shit right now.. so im just having fun and doing the heartbreak haha…

2. “Valley Girls” Influenced by the California girls, every other word was like, oh my god.. so I was like lets make a song called valley girls.. with some bleepy shit, and thats what he did.. just some futuristic, moombah with hyphy influence.

3.  “Pimpin” Heartbreak & JWLS, I mean you can go wrong.. Big synths, soul samples.. hard kicks.. its a very unique track, but just two dudes going in on a beat…

4. “Bad Behavior” Made this in phoenix with my homies sluggo and nerd rage, basically moombahcore with a dancehall vibe, we took the best of what everyone did and rolled it up in blunt, and called it bad behavior.. designed to get the asses shaking haha

5. ” Diving” This track was inspired by california and all the bass music, i basically took trance music, adding some kuduro elements, a little bit of juke, and just ran with it. its a weird ass track because its so much going on with it, but at the end of the day its about having fun

6. “Diving Remix” this is a remix my man crisis kid made…. after he heard my mix.. he did his own thing and the boy went in..

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David Heartbreak – M7 EP by Mixmag

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