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yo yo yo it’s been a moment since I’ve done my last mix post and there is load of fresh trim to share. Each cut in this post has been hand picked like buds off a cannabis plant, so load em up and hit em up with the volume turned way up because we about to burn this joint! :}=~

Bunch of different kinds of music in here that all fit in the category of global bass and world music.

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Found this one on Andy kisaragi’s blog, untimely sounds, and just had to relay it here, Ori of Balkan Beat Box just killin it with some solo work! Not sure when Ori Kaplan opened his soundcloud page, but the secret is out and you better follow!

Sirens 7 by DJ Shotnez by orikaplan

Sticking to the tradition of BBB, Ori drops cutting-edge electro Balkan beats with awesome traditional vocalist, Yiddish Balkan beats anyone? Massive Jewish Wedding song for all the Bar Mitzva Djs out there! ūüôā

What can you mach sis is AMERIKE – DJ Shotnez vs. Joe Feisch by orikaplan

Going to steal another one from Andy just cuz it so hot it needs to be mentioned here again in case you missed it. The lovely Flore shows us how it’s done in the latest mixtape of the¬†prestige¬†Club¬†Popozuda series.

Club Popozuda Mixtape #20 (Flore) by Club Popozuda


Flore’s hit tune, feel me, gets a mean grimy dubstep remix by Uzul

Dub me – Flore & Shunda K (Uzul remix) – FEEL FREE TO SHARE/ BLOG/ COMMENT! by Flore



FLORE: / /

One more from untimly sound, this one has been sitting high on my queue list for a moment now, so I was happy to see that Andy gave it a shout out as well,

Boogat drops some hot latin sounds out of Montreal. Cumbia, reggaeton, dancehall and baile funk combine to form the beats here, produced by Poirier, Nom de Plume and Boogat himself.


also here:

Ok time to break some new grounds here, I was checking out the latest Episode of Abstractor Radio, Venezuela’s leading TukiBass underground bass label and radio show, and on this show they debuted a new EP by an incredible Female MC named Mpeach. English, Spanish, and Traditional lyrics on hot tropical and tukibass rhythms. Her lyrics are conscious, smart, her voice is addictive. So I did some digging and found the newly released [free] EP, enjoy and give a warm welcome to Mpeach! =) Mpeach fits perfectly with the likes of MIA, Shunda K and Maluka, so check her out!¬†¬†by the wayz, all 3 remixes on this EP are super hot!


Abstractor Radio EP21: Jueves 27 de Octubre por La Mega 107.3 FM by abstractor

abs005: MPeach – Vengo Por Ti by abstractor

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, MPeach (a.k.a. Mariana Martín Capriles) is a multidisciplinary visionary, defined as much by her stage and studio collaborations with the likes of Todosantos (Flamin Hotz) and Latin Grammy winners Los Amigos Invisibles, as her design work and live installations in spaces such as BRIC Contemporary Art.

Now based in Brooklyn, New York, MPeach’s experimental work dances at the intersection between music, vocal, and visual elements, incorporating live performance and video art. All of this is compiled into her first solo release, Vengo Por Ti, an EP produced in conjunction with dynamic Venezuelan duo Pocz & Pacheko, who have released on labels such as Buraka Som Sistema’s Enchufada (Portugal) and Senseless (UK). The EP also reconnects her with Barcelona-based Venezuelan producer Cardopusher, famous for his genre-bending releases on Hyperdub, Tigerbeat6, Trouble & Bass, PeaceOff, and Lo Dubs, and Raptor House legends DJ Yirvin and DJ Baba.

Vengo Por Ti goes deep into Venezuelan culture and its boiling energy, exploring underground styles created at the crossroads between traditional and modern, local and foreign. The influence of Venezuelan folk and Afro-Caribbean vocal styles is evident on ‚ÄúLa Hora‚ÄĚ, which takes influence from Un Solo Pueblo as well as early reggaeton legends TheNoise, Yvy Queen and El General. ‚ÄúFuerza‚ÄĚ cops vibes from merengue hip-hop godfathers Proyecto Uno and merengue house queen Lisa M. Of course, the entire EP is influences by Venezuela‚Äôs native ghetto-dance music, the style known as changa tuki, coupling that raw and infectious sound with Mpeach‚Äôs Caracas-meets-Brooklynflair.

With lyrics both in Spanish and English, this blend of sounds echoes Ramadanman, Warrior Queen, Daddy Yankee, Chrissy Murderbot, and Tambor Urbano all at once, adorned with MPeach’s original artwork, style, and shake!

Produced by Pacheko & Pocz + MPeach
Dowload Ep here
For a High Quality 320Kbps version click here


Moving on like a tropical storm, this next tune is one of the best Vybz Kartel [who is in some serious legal trouble right now] tropical remixes I ever heard, straight off Bert On Beats’ new remixes album:

Vybz Kartel – Half On A Baby (Bert On Beats Remix) by Bert On Beats

another massive remix from the album

Big Dope P – Let Me Flush Dat (Bert On Beats Remix) by Bert On Beats

The other Ori I always write about, Ori Shochat, dropped this super tight beat and video. Ori never fails to capture strong emotion and vibe in his tracks, Stormy Sunset is no exception to that!  Can you feel it? Hiphopy Bass music at its best!

Stormy Sunset by Ori Shochat

Our very own Sound Alchemist KushArora produced this mega post-dancehall chune featuring Dreadsquare and Lady Chann, ready for some issssssssland loving?

(KushAroraRemix) Dreadsquad and Lady Chann – Island lovin by KushArora


This next one is a treat, the energy of a polka klazimer tune with the destroying basslines of dubstep, nice work by Stereo Partizan.

Partisan Dubstep (Bella Ciao, Stereo Partizan remix) by Stereo Partizan

Mendez successfully mashes up Coldplay, Buena Vista Social and some of his home-made Moombahton beats, this one is sure to work the ladies ūüôā

Mendez vs Coldplay and The Buena Vista Social Club – Relojes by Mendez (ElCucoRecordings)


Our Electro Tribal Shaman El Dj Javier Estrada with this powerful ceremonial tune, welcome to the other side!



and on the same note, PowWowzers!

PowWowzers feat. Northern Cree and Clarence Two Toes by A Tribe Called Red

Getting close to the end of this post,  more world bass sounds

like Violins? Check out this Finnish Violince !
Tekniset: Sabel Violince by Freakdance Records



And a a new one for me, StreamerPilot out with a new EP:

Get ready for StreamerPilot’s 3rd Installment of their remix EP’s, featuring some surprisingly diverse remixes spicing up your Djset. The White Sugar EP will definitely attract your attention with first of all their 96 Bpm booty shaking ragga remix of Miami’s only Locos Por Juana. It drives you on, makes you wanna shake and it will not look out of place on a hispanic community party somewhere on the US’ East Coast. Furtheron its noteworthy to mention the crazy second remix, a cocktail of distorted thumpiano’s on top of slamming dubstep licks joining Dutch brasilectro trio Zuco 103. Exciting, sinister and sensual on 88Bpm. After hearing the rattling remix of a klezmer lamentation song played by Merlin Shepherd you will certainly know how to finalize a good night out early in the morning, rowing your boat into the fog on 58 BPM only..

Merlin Shepherd – Pass The Kasha (StreamerPilot’s kosher remix) by StreamerPilot

Zuco 103 – She (StreamerPilot’s Mother remix) by StreamerPilot

get a free download of:

I want to end here on a subtle note, Yesmin Levi is an israeli singer that sings in the Judeo-Spanish Language, Ladino. She has taken on a mission to revive the lost dialtic and ancient melodies. In this video she collaborate with a the famous Turkish folk singer, Kubat, in one of the better known Ladino songs, Adio Kerida. Check out more of her music @ 

Thanks for tuning in, hope you enjoyed the music, stay happy healthy and positive, adio Keridas!!

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