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Lisa Greenway (Lapkat) host of a radio show in Australia named DIALECTIC RADIO, recently did a remarkable job with my predecessor Canalh. I owe a lot to Canalh for even being here, allow me to explain. I was no one big with no name and barely began diving into producing new cumbia tracks (which was a suggestion from DJ Melo). I loved cumbia but I didn’t know much of new cumbia outside of the mainstream because that’s what I was mostly around. It was exciting for me to mix different styles that I love with cumbia creating experimental sounds. I had no idea where I was going I was simply just going. Canalh found some of my work and sent me an exciting message via SoundCloud. He said he liked what I was doing with melody which he felt was lacking in new cumbia at that time and he said he was going to post my work here on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. By doing so I became more motivated to dive deeper into producing more new cumbia and that is what I did. It motivated me to start a group on Facebook “Nu Cumbia Experience.” This Facebook group was my stepping stone here because that’s where DJ Umb found me when Canalh decided not to post here anymore. To say I was thrilled would be a massive understatement. I was honored and unbelievably excited. Since then I’ve been working hard to connect the world with new cumbia, to help grow excitement and to help many talented producers and dj’s get noticed for the work. This is all due to Canalh originally. He has been a good ally and friend. I still follow his personal blog to this day.

Lisa presented a piece on her radio show featuring a great in depth interview with Canalh as well as his new mix Campecho. Take a listen to her show here.

Canalh and I are very different people, from the way we live our lives to our approach with writing to our approach with music productions and I’m pleased with that. It shows how universal music is even cumbia as we know. I’m grateful for Canalh and always wish him the best.


I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of the sounds of chicha, it always interests me. The same goes for all other psychedelic influenced cumbia. I’m a guitarist first and foremost; this may be why I am very attracted to these sounds. I recently collected some of my favorite chicha and psychedelic tracks on SoundCloud and wish to share them here because they deserve good recognition.

From Oakland, California is the chicha group Cumbia Tokeson. They keep the tradition of chicha alive with their music mixing in their own unique sound. If you haven’t heard these guys before then you’ve been missing out. They’re quite active on Facebook and SoundCloud. I can listen to them all day happily.

Deltatron is always active on my Facebook group and consistently shares his work with me by chat. He recently shared this one by DJ Chakruna from me from Terror Negro Records. It’s a cool chicha with dembow.

Now I know this next one isn’t chicha and not really what I would call psychedelic either but I really feel the need to post it here respectfully. So save the angry comments haha.

Triblin Sound also signed under Terror Negro Records always releases awesome tracks. We featured this one last week on our Nu Cumbia Experience live mix show. It was well received and rightly so.

Efrita one of the heads of Cooliado posted this awesome Fur Elise cumbia. Beethoven was meant for cumbia if only he knew what would lie ahead. Forget all that electric classical gas.

Indonesia does cumbia too! At least that’s what Gianni Marino says under his name but says otherwise in his bio so I’m not quite sure. Maybe he’ll harass me here with an answer because I’m too lazy to contact him to ask myself. This is more cumbiahton (or however you want to spell it) with chicha guitar making a unique psychedelic sound.

Pa Kongal is always at it and this time he’s produced my new favorite experimental psychedelic cumbia. I love the guitar, heavy kick and he steals my heart with the ambience in the back ground. I wish I could find a way to share this with Brian Eno.


I have three remixes this week. I start with Petardo with his dope cumbia remix of Quantic.

Oralestyle hit it hard with his newest respect paid to our good friend Acorde On.

My favorite remix this week came from the awesome ZZK signed Frikstailers!

Keep up with us here at Generation Bass and specifically here with Sexxy Saturday Cumbia because next week I’m posting some seriously brilliant tracks. I honestly can’t wait myself. I have them all in files and ready to go. It’s hard for me to hold on to them but it will just make it all the sweeter to share them next week. Cumbia muffin is the word on the street.


Okay damn I can’t wait so I’ll share this one which is honestly one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while. I can’t get enough of it. It’s from NOIA mixing sweet African sounds with cumbia! It has to go up here this week!

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