and we are back…. more juke and footwork in this post homies!

Kicking things off is DJ DICE from CHi town, dropping some serious banging shit for ya:
Gangsta Juke – Dice Beats Ft Torrio Jetson & Kaper6 by DJ DICE (CHICAGO)

and a very VERY nice mix:
Dat Sherry Juke Mix – Dj Dice Beats by DJ DICE (CHICAGO)

be sure to grab this new jam by MOONDOCTOR – short but def sweeeeet:
On the Flo’ – MoonDoctoR by Tony Mundaca/MoonDoctoR

our serbian homie TIGHTSHADE is also back with a couple of bangers… check out the lovely tones of these 2 killa jamz:


SPINN & RASHAD are dropping some serious love for STEVIE WONDER right here, just a snip, but damn, HOTTTTTT!!!!
Spinn & Rashad – Wevie Stonder by DJ Spinn

check out this jam of OTHERNESS by PRESS, awesome dark tones man, blending some serious dnb bass in there…
Press – Lost Cause (Juke/Footwork) by Press

and damn… check this shit out from RUSSIA??
CVSE – GHOST (no deeplinking I guess…)

some bangers from the UK – MISTA MANGA do the drop!
Kimmie XD (LOLZ JUKE) by MistaMangaDub

Roboghettotek (Footwork) by MistaMangaDub

MasterMind(Footwork) by MistaMangaDub

That Charlie Sheen Needs His Drugs (JUKE) by MistaMangaDub

Here’s some heat from France, courtesy of the awesome NIGHTMARE JUKE SQUAD!
Spoek Mathambo & Cerebral Vortex – Drunk Like That (Nightmare Juke Squad Remix) by Nightmare Juke Squad

Raoul Juke – CR18 A Digital Frontier by Nightmare Juke Squad

this is def cool, but not downloadable… grrrrr fuckers!
Tron : Legacy – Juke & Footwork Remixes by Nightmare Juke Squad

some new juke NU JUKE? crazy shit from this dude DJ KILLOUT anyway:
DJ KILLOUT – Next 2 U – Fresh Mess Recordings by TimDeckgeneral

some collected cuts from PLANET MU, a bunch of older stuff + 2 jams from their fresh BANGS & WORKS VOL 2 (of which I tried to get some free dl’s for y’all, but they didnt seem to wanna do that)
Planet Mu presents Juke / Footwork JP Showcase Promotion by pdis_inpartmaint

of the same comp, my DEF fave is DJ T-WHY, his tracks are maaaaddd and banging! here’s some stuff by that dude:

one last addition: DJ TAYE dropped this last month andf I didnt include it in that months roundup, so here we go: MASSIVE!!!
DJ Taye – Just Chillin’ EP by DJTAYE TEKLIFE

incoming: SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO DAVE QUAM for this – somebody sign this dude!
03 Night&Day by arpebu

Just 2 Nasty by arpebu

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