Worldwide premiere of the debut video from the unique and totally original debut album by Lord Cry Cry, which comes out next Monday 21st November on Generation Bass.

Tom Waitsian, Captain Beefheartesque, Beatnik, Vaudeville, Burlesque, Howling Wolfesque, Bluestep, SurfStep, Jazzstep and it’s gonna probably end up being one of my favourite top 10 albums of all time!!!

Lord Cry Cry – Live at the C.P.U. coming out next week on Monday 21st November 2011 on Generation Bass, the first long-player on GB Records!

As always, you can never predict where we go next!!!!

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Lord Cry Cry – Live at the C.P.U. Album Promo (short) coming soon on Generation Bass by generation bass

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Lord Cry Cry – Live at the C.P.U. Album [LONG VERSION]Promo coming soon on Generation Bass by djumb

Remember life before the smoking ban? How life had a heady, hazier fug of hidden depths and musky abandon? Lord Cry Cry’s debut album throws you into a dreamy what-if world – where the beatnik decadence of the Left Bank is thrown forward to an alternative present, where the eternal, nicotine-hued avant garde exploration has found its way onto the hard drive; where jazz, blues and classic film soundtracks have found common ground with dubstep and electronica. This is the Mississippi Delta relocated to Silicon Valley. This is Tom Waits for the Ableton generation. This is Lord Cry Cry, his debut album, released on Generation Bass on 21st November 2011.

Wildly adventurous, evocative and dream-like, Lord Cry Cry is the brainchild of Berlin-based producer and composer Christopher Donaghue, who brings a whole world of experience to this album – a genre-gliding musician and film-score composer trained in the psychology of music and music composition, his work is able to use music and rhythm to affect emotion, and over its nine tracks, Lord Cry Cry blends everything from soul to ambient via dubstep and jazz, as much in line with 60s library music as the playful noodlings of Money Mark. On his influences he states: “Until I was about fourteen we only had three albums in the house; Roberta Flack First Take, Motown Chartbusters Vol.3 and The Beatles Oldies but Goldies. They are the foundation of everything I do musically. The more music you have, the less you listen to each track.”

His debut single, OneStepTwo, was released by UK independent label Blunt Force Trauma in October 2009 and caught the attention of terrestrial radio and was named 7” of the week by Joe Ransom. Lord Cry Cry has also appeared at Vernissage and music festivals around the world, while his last major appearance was at the Transmediale festival of art and digital culture where he presented a musical lecture boldly spanning the history of progressive and futuristic music – a mix covering genres such as avant-garde jazz, classical, electronic, reggae and dubstep.

All of this points us to the present – Generation Bass are proud to present Lord Cry Cry, the end result of that experimental journey.

Lord Cry Cry – Lord Cry Cry

  1. Live at the C.P.U.
  2. I Got the Clap Induced Blues Momma
  3. Step Nuthin’
  4. Dance of the Moores
  5. Q-Cut
  6. SaltburnRedcar
  7. SurfStep
  8. Schizoid Marimba
  9. Blind Lightnin’ Floor
  10. Lord High Commander



Liner Notes by Neil Queen


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