I’m going to jump right into it this week. Why not? I’m too consumed by the dread of the coming holiday season, the foresight I have of the near future comes natural now for me. All that is going on in my mind is this dread, the work I’m consumed with during the week, and trying to get a good nu cumbia night going on here in Phoenix.

I’m seriously thinking of vacationing for the holidays. I need a new tradition. But on the upside I experienced a lot of great new tracks this week. I love this gig it’s something I look forward to. Also on the upside I purchased an awesome new sweater.

Let’s GO!

Matthew Mansfield (Piper St Sound) has been recording some magic in his studio. I keep my eye on Matt (like all things) whom is also a loyal reader of this blog. He uploaded a new video this week. It’s a live recording at his studio (Piper St Studios)  of Dialect Trio playing an unreleased song Diamorpha. The video is well put together and the tune is sweet and soothing.

Chameleon is a perfect name for MishMish’s CD. Each track features many different influences of world music and mixes them together well. MishMish collaborates with some our big guns of cumbia to bring these tracks to life. Here I have the CD for your listening pleasure.


We all know and love Den5hion. But do you know about his “quiet” project? Den5hion claims to me that his project Denima is where his heart is most. Denima is a duo formed by Den5hion (Marco Polo Gutierrez) and Andre Pereda. Andre and Marco are old friends and according to Marco they used to drive around town listening to static noise on the car radio. Denima’s music is unique with it’s chopped up breaks and noise but one track in particular fits rather perfectly here. Hopefully they’ll make a cumbia remix of all their songs.


A serious dubstep/cumbia track was released this week by our good old friend Caballo. He keeps true to both genres and by doing so he created one of if not the best cumbiastep I’ve heard.


My favorite new find for me this week is Electroteca. Every track of his is seriously dope! I simply can’t get enough of the digital cumbia sound and Electroteca delivers such sound on a whopping scale.


It’s my pleasure to bring back another AsagiSaundo production. I feel a little pride seeing that since I posted about him in the past he pushes out new work at a good consistent pace. And every song is consistently excellent. This is his new masterpiece.


Elegant and La Imperial down in Peru brought this smooth one to my attentive ears last week.


I’m going to cut out the remix portion of this post this week because literally every track I have left is a remix. That being said I guess you can say that the rest of the post from here on is the remix portion.

Starting with Rock Lobster!!! Enrikisimo hit it hard and well with this one.


Capitol K with another beautiful piece of work. In his description he explains how this song came about and I’ll use his eloquent wording instead of butchering them. “Come the onset of Northern hemispheres Long dark nights, Crystal Fighters wistful lyrics on Southern flight delivered via Radio as i drove through Vauxhall played straight into my displacement fantasies.”


Get up and dance! (If you want) This which describes the energy in this next remix. Super Pendejos is a duo from Barcelona and this track has lots of energy and positive vibes.


Man did Lata make an awesome remix of Choquechinchay! There have been many but Lata’s is now my favorite. He brings a whole new interesting vibe to it.


Diplo’s HORSEY is being remixed like crazy lately. Here as always I try to bring the best and definitely my favorites. Spike Devil Disco while becoming a legend on the scene continues to thrill my senses. He does so even with his Horsey remix.


One hard hitter and massive rework comes from the hands and mind of Add On de Bass. LAST TRAIN TO LONDON as a moombah/cumbia is simply awesome. The edit delivers the song in a whole new light. The cumbia breakdown in the middle is brilliant placed, the bridge to and from the cumbia is truly the ideal bridge.


I want to fly. I know I would be at peace just flying constantly until the end of the world. With this next remix by Mezcal Sound System playing as my soundtrack.


I leave this blog with a funny a mood. JC Kiru produced an awesome little, for lack of a better word, Spongey remix.




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