I love Umb’s idea to have a sunday post with downtempo sounds . So here comes my contribution .

EPP1 from Brandy Alexander Project + Laps took my attention , one for being a lovely downtempo-ambient album and second it’s released under a Creative Commons label called Libre Comme Lair wich is an interesting point . This is their statement :

“Founded in 2003, LCL believes that sharing is an essential tool of culture, the basic of its language. Open licenses are for this ideal, and the NTI are the dreamed vector for spreading this spirit.
We hope to make you discover artists, make you wanting to exchange with them, and to make them discover after, so that the free culture movement can become perpetual.

Brandy Alexander Project + Laps are mixing elcectronic sounds with transnational influences , field recordings such as Muezzin chants in Istanbul,sounds caught during a Sufi ceremny in teh middle of teh turkish region of Kappadokia.

Salvador , in reference to Salvador Allende , is an ambient next level track , peaceful sounds with a strong message : Salvador’s Allende Speech in the United Nations in 1972 wich is still valid nowadays . The result: an oniric trip with content , not a frivolous vision of ambient music .

Salvador (Brandy Alexander Project + Laps) by LCL netlabel
Turkye a trip to the turkish sufi sounds , wich reminds me my past days in sarajevo . As my friend Pathann would call it, a perfect Sunset Soundtrack .

Turkyie (Brandy Alexander Project + Laps) by LCL netlabel


Türkiye from brandyalexander on Vimeo.


You can get the whole E.p in Libre Comme Lair webpage HERE.

Enjoy !


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