Some great stuff here from a great artist who recently featured on our Moombahton EP by Shazalakazoo, “Bang! Bang!

Do not sleep on this, check it out!!!

MishMish´s first Cd Camaleon is a compilation featurings some Producers and Djs all over the world. From Cumbia (Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia and Bigote) to Dub with Flamenco accent (Avi), and also mixing new Andino sounds (Intiche).

She is a Spanish MC based in Berlin. Colaborating with Shazalakazoo and featuring with producers like Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia, Deltatron and Neki Stranac, MishMish´s voice mixes cumbia, hiphop, flamenco and african roots. Street poet and worldmusic lover, she studied several traditional ways to sing since her childhood. In Madrid, she started to MCing at the age of 20, she recorded some tracks with the hiphop collective La Plataforma and performanced as opener for Soom T, Jahtari, Moyenei and Drowning Dog. Then she moved to Berlin and was Frontwoman of the band Sonora Milagrosa, performing on the most important berliner clubs and stages. Later she created with Intiche the proyect Pachazonica.

Her song “Rojo Rubi” with the serbian band Shazalakazoo was chosen for their album Bang Bang, that achieved the Top 1 on the Juno Singles Chart. Her first work “Camaleon” is a compilation of featurings with producers Sonidos Profundos, Intiche, Avi & Bigote (Caballito Netlabel).

Here the link to download:

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CAMALEON MishMish by MishMish

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