Back in May, damnzun announced the release of Atropolis by Atropolis on Dutty Artz (Matt Shadetek and Dj Rupture’s label). Like Damnzun, I also feel that this is one of the best albums of the year to date, and have been listening to it again and again since it reappeared on my soundcloud stream a few weeks ago. This album has it all, clever music arrangement, a variety of global bass styles, killer percussion grooves, and a large enough collection of world instruments and vocalists to make even Ori Kaplan happy!

So it is with pleasure that I am helping this album resurface in case you missed it or like me, you only gave it a skimming when it came out. This is a true step stone for the progression of Global Bass music and it for sure helps 2011 become one of the strongest years for global scene. Enjoy the tunes, give the full album a listen, and let Atropolis take you away!

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Atropolis by Atropolis


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It makes sense that a lifelong New Yorker has created an album that encompasses the best of a number of musical influences the city has to offer. Adam ‘Atropolis’ Patridge was born and in one of the most diverse places in America. By age 16 Adam was deep into sounds from Mali, Nigeria, the Balkans, the Caribbean, and South America and living in the meltingpot meant that all those musical communities were nearby. Years later, Patridge has created a fresh-to-death amalgamation of nueva cumbia, dubstep, moombahton, Afro-Colombian house, and kuduro, catching the ears of studied future world music professionals, Dutty Artz label heads Jace “DJ/Rupture” Clayton and Matt Shadetek.

As an accomplished arranger and multi-instrumentalist, Patridge decided to leave his work on commercials to found the Cumba Mela DJ collective. Their “anyting goes” vibe of the collective was exciting and new… as the first party was on a pirated ship docked in a dirty creek in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The ambitious, community-oriented Cumba Mela parties brought in performers, film, food, and visual artists, and reflected Adam’s commitment to making fresh dance music that emerged from the sounds of his native city — a city of immigrants hustling to make old worlds and new worlds dance together (Adam’s own family hails from Greek Cyprus).

Dutty Artz is pleased to present the results, Atropolis’ debut self-titled album; a perfectly-pitched 11 song assortment of Atropolis’s cheery melodies and chunky beats move a dancefloor like the best tunes of fellow NYC global bass producer Uproot Andy (we’ve field tested the album at our New York Tropical parties). Atropolis’ background in music composition adds a layer of detail and deep musicality… live percussion, accordion, and trumpet alongside sampled intricacy. Four standout tracks feature female singers Anbuley and Atropolis’ sultry-voiced discovery, Uruguayan Noelia Fernandez. Crucially, his music isn’t some eclectic bloggy mash — this is fourth-world funk that’s been tried and tested in NYC’s outer borough party scene, and united by his strong songwriting voice. Check out NY Chero (track 5) to taste his core sound, or head to his sensual mission statement, the Afro-Colombian-tinged album closer, El Tambor del Mundo feat. Noelia Fernandez. Dubstep fans will enjoy Om Shanti (track 10) sure to wobble its way into countless DJ playlists, uniting real songcraft with low-end thump.

Atropolis = 100% original material from a city who has pioneered the tropical/global bass/world music 2.0 sound with Dutty Artz Brooklyn party series, where they showed the world that the crazy mash of cultures in NYC had evolved a counterpart for the cosmopolitan dancefloor, where the crowd was as mixed-up as the music. Atropolis also just returned from three months in Colombia doing grassroots collaborations with acoustic musicians, studying and sharing sounds with the utmost of respect. This is only the beginning of a very exciting new career…


and now for the highly anticipated exclusive (you scrolled down this far, so it is safe to assume), a remix that like the album, has sound so diverse I am having trouble defining it with words. Just listen:

Thornato-Barcelona ft. Brooklyn Shanti (Atropolis RMX) by Atropolis

Feeling it  ? How about giving it a proper spin with the HighFi version of the tune? Here’s another GB exclusive, grab the .AIF: !!

more Atropolis fire and another download! ->>

Atropolis’s Remix’s by Atropolis

Dati Dati Da, drop a comment here or on Atropolis’s soundcloud as I know he will like to know what you feel, oh and if you live in NYC, he teaches at DUBSPOT so go get educated!

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