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I <3 Nightshifters music, and here is another release to make you feet dance and your brain jitter! Welcome Lucid, a Dj/Producer from Melbourne, Australia with his (debut?) release: The New Reprise.

Lucid- The New Reprise EP Mini Mix ( Nightshifters) by lucid


Darkish and unexpected, a collision of sound waves in a multi-layered ocean, Lucid follows very little guidelines. The video at the top of this post does a perfect job portraying the complexity and random feeling of this release.  Give a listen and grab Shh while you can, it can be a phenomenal set opener to just about any style of DJ I can imagine.

Lucid – Shh by Nightshifters
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You know how people say things like “next level” and “you’re not ready”, but then you hear the tracks, and you’re like “well, I was ready and it’s just like 1 baby-step away from whatever’s current now”.  But of course, very rarely, there is music that when you hear it you aren’t actually ready for, music so different that it brings about a fundamental re-evaluation of what you think is actually music. Well, guess what. We’re happy to announce the debut release by Lucid on Nightshifters. It’s so next level that you’re literally not ready.

Lucid makes music that sits between a lot of different aesthetics. In some ways he has taken a lot of “future” sounds and ideas from a lot of different types of music and then processed them into something that’s for the club despite sounding completely unique. All the elements you’d expect are there, subby kicks, sharp snares, and few whooshing bits and a few fiery synths – but to be honest, they are all in the wrong place. This new sound, this new concept in music, is so fundamentally thrilling that we have to really watch when we drop it.  “The New Reprise” is so advanced that you’re bound to get some funny looks, but what we’re saying is this: this sh*t slays.

Every track on this EP is a surprise. The collision of sounds and sub frequencies is constantly curious.  The Ep starts off with Jumbo – an overdriven slammer with massive snares and mind-melting frequency-bends. “Togo” marches to its entirely own robotic drummer with flanged grunts and a brutal drop about half way through.  “Closed Eye” has some rave elements convoluted through an intergalactic spectrum while “Shh” slides between Electro in a blender and a case of whiplash. “Drung” closes out the original tracks with one of the biggest and most confounding breakdowns you’ll hear this year. I mean, we can throw a bunch of words and genres together, but the reality is you’ll listen to this and realize how little you know.

An Ep this good doesn’t need remixes, but we have some pretty incredible ones for you anyway. Sam Tiba from the unstoppable Club Cheval crew drops perhaps his best tune yet with an incredible trans-dimensional remix of “Shh”. The Godfather of Baltimore Club Music, Scottie B, goes way  out with a noisy remix of “Jumbo” that should have the club in full-pogo mode, and UK’s Norrit shows us a slightly warmer, housier version of “Jumbo” that we know will get a ton of play.

We’ll say it again; Lucid’s “The New Reprise” is so next level that you’re literally not ready.

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