My apologies… my life has been a complete mess for the past couple of months. I’m back in the lab, and we’re cooking up a project with Mississippi rapper Cartoon, which will undoubtedly be released on New Years Eve at Midnight EST for all the sober kids and recovering Australians. This is the first refix we’re releasing off of the project, and it consists of original vocals (shouting me out, of course), and a previously released track by London producer Rednek. Household Management has a stronghold on Atlanta’s party scene, so I wasn’t surprised when its owner/operator MJ took over this talented beatsmith’s booking duties. Cartoon is a star on the rise, and Rednek continues to produce some of the loudest tracks on planet earth. I’m sincerely excited about this project, and hope you spread this one around.

Cartoon – Till We Gone (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Rednek Thugstep Mix) by Disc Jockey Nappy

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