To start a nu cumbia night here in Phoenix is surprisingly difficult. There are many efforts to do so and finally we’re making some progress. DJ Melo, DJ Tranzo and I have been attempting this for a good couple of years and with Melo’s new residence on Thursday night we’re beginning to see the struggle finally be worth it. Baila At Filmbar is what it’s called. It’s been going on for a month now and to give you an example of what can be heard there Melo recorded this amazing set. Keep in mind this is live and only a part of the night. I promise you’ll be delighted with the quality and intensity of the mix.

Lucky for you its downloadable here

Baila At Filmbar is going to become simply the best place in town for nu cumbia, latin funk, moombah and a plethora of other dope latin sounds. If you’re ever traveling to Phoenix or just want to follow along for future releases please please please “like” our page! It’ll be worth it trust me.

I’m also super proud to have had my embarrassing for me to hear biography read live on Australia’s Dialectic Radio earlier this week. Lapkat gave DJ Tranzo and me incredible mad respect. The whole show like all their shows is excellent actually. Tranzo and I were honored to receive such respect.   First Lapkat plays on of my remixes then dedicates one hour for Tranzo’s live mix from our October 10th Nu Cumbia Experience live mix show. While I said the whole show is good if you want to skip to our bit then jump ahead to about 25 minutes in.

Now that I’ve shamelessly plugged the hell out of mine and my friends’ local work I’ll get moving on to the rest of the cumbia world. I’ll start such an endeavor by posting yet another mix. Red Revolt caringly shared this mix to fill our cumbia souls. It is a great selection mixing chicha among other styles. It truly is a great selection of tracks and well mixed so it’s definitely worth sharing.

Black Mandingo has a new EP out awesomely titled THE NEXT BLACK EPISODE.  With a free download to the EP only found here Black Mandingo brings us into his deep cumbia experience with this one. Each track flows naturally with what I can only describe as smooth relaxed aggression.  Here’s a single for a taste of what you’re about to download

Back to Peru’s nu cumbia is always a pleasure especially when it’s with Dengue Dengue Dengue. Never ceasing to please my ears and mind Dengue Dengue Dengue is at it again. I wish I had one ounce of their creativity.

Eastern Cumbia is a perfect marriage. I dove into a bit here before but I definitely haven’t been giving it enough attention. Derbastler shared this remix this week and it is a prime example of the perfect marriage of cultures.

We’re going somewhere new nu now. Cristamar from Mexicali has hit the scene with her unique style of nu cumbia. I accused Den5hion of producing her music but he swears (and I believe him) that he has nothing to do her music save providing her with some of his samples. After my failed calling-out my respect grew stronger for Cristamar. Let me show you what I mean. By the way the outro is really unique.

El Barba Dub makes dope tracks like it’s the easiest thing in the world for him to do. What I mean by that is that he never fails with his sick cumbia dubs. I’ve listened to this new one many times this week. I just let it get deep into my brain. Also through some good subs El Barba Dub’s tracks really hit incredibly hard and deep. It’s really cool to hear spacey dubbed out horn sections.

Steve Tellco a.k.a. Cumbia Tellco made this awesome cumbia bass track this week. The bass is awesome, the accordion dubbed out is awesome, the space is awesome, and the reinforced beat gives it serious attitude.

From Venezuela comes La Gallera Social Club with their own unique takes on traditional latin music. Just when you think this song is straightforward cumbia it breaks up for a second and brings in new elements of electronic sounds. Then this happens again later and it lasts even longer.

La Inédita is simply awesome. They produce the best chicha-muffin sound on the planet. The guitarist even goes into surf style picking adding an awesome element to their music. This song is fun and delivers to our ears the tradition Peruvians have started with their chicha sound. The drum solo three minutes in is sick. The vocals flow perfectly. What more can I say? I’ll just shut up and let you dig them the way you should.


I have only one remix this week and staying with the cumbia-muffin flow this post has taken, there is no better place to go then to Mykol Orthodox’s remix of Dennis Alcapone’s We Nah Inna Dem. If you don’t know of Dennis Alcapone and are wondering about his name then I suggest you search for him on Google and it will all make better sense to you.

This is it for me this week. Once again I’d like to thank Lapkat and Dialectic Radio for all their support representing nu cumbia down in Australia.

*This post was partially brought to you by narcotics.

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