The Generation Chill series continues with some extraordinary vybz courtesty of this UK duo, Hiatus & Shura brought to my attention, yet again by my good friend, Anna Kurchaska.

Shura’s voice is just so heart-melting and melancholic, I get chills down my spine each time I hear her sing.  She is a vocalist to keep your eye on and you need to monitor her progress.

Hiatus creates the most gorgeous musical landscapes that evoke some of the beautiful imagery associated with falling autumnal leaves.

This is a perfect autumn soundtrack to prep you for your winter hibernation.  Get under the covers and snuggle up to the beautiful sounds you’ll hear here and let the warmth glow in your heart.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Hiatus and Shura – First by Hiatus

Hiatus and Shura: Fortune’s Fool by Hiatus

FREE DOWNLOAD: Hiatus and Shura – For The Sake Of Your Sons by Hiatus

Hiatus & Shura – Fortune’s Fool (Danny Drive Thru Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by shura

Shura – March (Demo) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by shura

Shura – River (Demo) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by shura

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