Dub Sharma A.K.A Siddharth is an Electronica Producer / Audio Engineer from Chandigarh, India. He was introduced to the world in the year 2010 with his track Raaz (feat. Jeetu Ramachandran) and Onda Janda on The Friction Show, BBC Asian Network, UK under the BBC Introducing Initiative. Since then, he won remarkable response from all over the world and his composition, Raaz made it to The Best of BBC, 2010 charts. His debut composition “Raaz” was finally signed on to and released on Monkey Dub Recording, Montreal, Canada soon after. Dub Sharma belongs to a middle class family in Chandigarh who raised both of their kids with a regular dose of Punjabi folk and Indian Classical music. Dub Sharma doesn’t have any formal training in music but regularly attended his younger brother’s Tabla Riyaaz sessions. During the regular course of his convent education in high school, he took part in Christmas Carol singing competitions. Apart from school, he attended and took part in Bhajan discourses in local temples. He was an 8th grader when he entered the electronic domain and started using different beat programs to produce Hip Hop and Bhangra. He joined a Bachelor’s program in Computer Applications as he got out of school. During his college hours, he used to slip out of the college during the break hour to work with the community radio station in Chandigarh. He also gradually started editing and mixing background music and sound effects for local theatre acts. He started producing and remixing radio jingles and promotions for commercial radio stations and production houses. After completing his second year of his Bachelor’s Program in Computers, he dropped out of college to pursue his interest. He took admission into an Audio Engineering college to learn about the recording technology in Mumbai. While studying in the college, he composed background music for a TV channel and programmed music for a Bollywood project. During all this, he collaborated with Jeetu Ramachandran, who was then quite active in the South Indian music industry as a vocalist and a fellow student at the audio college to produce the song “Raaz”. Dub Sharma composed Raaz on a bamboo flute and recorded it. He wrote the lyrics himself and laid down the track for Jeetu to sing on it. “Breath of Fresh Air”, said Bobby Friction, BBC Asian Network, U.K, who also recommended the track to The Tom Robinson Show, BBC 6 Music. Dub Sharma recently started performing along with his younger brother Satyan Sharma (Tabla Player) and has started DJing too.

Here is the choon from Siddharth that should blow da shizz of your chops,
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