Dubstep from New Zealand fusing traditional Maori music and instruments with the Persian Oud and elements of Dubstep!

For those who might not know, Maori people are the idigenous people of New Zealand and their population is around half a million.

The track is called ‘Tuhoronuku’!

Tuhoronuku’ fuses waiata tawhito and puoro (traditional Maori singing and instruments) with the instruments and scales of Persia, and the cutting edge drum and bass of dubstep. The song is a collabortation between Maori musicians Tiopira McDowell and Hohepa Stevens, Persian Oud player Sam Kirwan and Samoan percussionist Talaniko Ama.The lyrics speak of the infighting and factionalism the Northern Maori tribe of Ngapuhi face in the present day, and the negative consequences this has for the children and elders of the tribe. Rather than pointing the finger, the song travels back 1000 years in time to the founding ancestors of the tribe, and the divisions created then that exist to this day.credits

released 25 November 2011

Vocals / Melodica / Djembe / Programming – Tiopira

Oud – Sam Kirwan

Porotiti – Hohepa Stevens

Shaker – Talaniko Ama

We give so much away here and sometimes, we just gotta make an exception and stop and so there is no free download of this.  Please support the scene and put your hand in your pocket for this one.

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