Hi, my name is Peter and this is my first post on Generation Bass,an opportunity given me by DJ UMB him self (maximum respect BTW).

People know me rather as a shy, quiet, down- tempo, Balkan type of sentimental sensitive gentleman who likes shopping and romance novels.

However, while I was lighting my morning cigar with the welding torch I realized how funny people look when they trying to pick up their teeth with broken fingers.
So now you know what time it is ….IT’S JUKE TIME!

I’m not going to explain what Juke is or what it means, because I hate definitions in music. When I first heard the music, I found it more curious than compelling, and dismissed it as yet another quirky kind of dance music that would end up having it’s 15 minutes of U.K. fame and end up quickly fading off the global dance music scene (grime, anyone?).

There is a common problem people have with understanding the appeal of the genre was that it was necessary to experience it in an ideal context. Juke does not belong to a club it belongs to the underground parking lots. DJ’s perform in an intimate basement venue with low ceilings, dim lights, and an array of subwoofers to accommodate the extreme low frequencies. Unlike most electronic dance music, where your average pussy ipod will give you a fairly good idea of what the music might sound like in a club venue, juke artists resist such easy objectification by working with frequencies that go far beyond the capabilities of most home audio systems.

My opinion about dance music is that it leans toward the metaphysical, spiritual. Contemporary, underground electronic dance music like Kuduro, baile-funk, moombahton, and juke, serve as a kind of public ritual. In my experience, the most successful of these events suggest a collapsing of our perception of both time and space, producing the feeling of having been at this time, this place, already and again; the ritual is about creating a sense of place that is not confined by socio-political or geographic boundaries as if we were one single organism…….LOLz

Here is an interview with one the of the originators RP BOO

here is one of he’s tunes from Bangs&Works compilation available on Planet Mu

and here is a fantastic video put together by young crew called TRIBE a bunch of very young and smart dudes that are about 100 years ahead of me LOL

Here is another originator of the Juke pure genius DJ Rashad

And here is my horrible mix that I put together as I was writing this LOL

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