Sazon Booya’s new EP. Man it sounds a hell of a lot different to what I was expecting but I really like the sound of it. Sounds far more commercial than expected but that can be a good thing as it has potential to reach many more new ears and I think it defintely will do just that!

Fave track for me is BOMBO TIEMPO, murder the dancefloors!

There’s a free download below, check out the sounds and here’s what they say:

After the support and love we were shown with our first EP, La Bomba, we went back to work on a new project. Altogether we created about 15-20 new songs that we loved, went on tours with skrillex, munchi, nadastrom, dillon francis and 12th planet, made alot of new friends and worked with tons of talented people. So with that being said we are happy to present you with The Moonlight EP. The title track is a moombahsoul single featuring original vocalist Anna Yvette. We’ve dabbled in moombahsoul before but we wanted to really take a stab at it the right way. “Get That Beat” is another song featuring Anna Yvette. The track covers alot of ground from prog house inspired chords, big moombahton build up, jump style drums and spanish guitars with some pianos for breaks. Next is “In Your Eyes” which is typical Sazon Booya styled moombahton. We’ve been playing that track for a while and were happy to get it out. Last but not least is “Bombo Tiempo”, our collaboration with ATL producer MUST DIE. Bombo was made thru the internet in a matter of hours, the track to us is a mixture of whats “In” right now but with our own twist to it. In closing we’d just like to say thank you to the fans for making this possible and making us popular enough to live out our dreams.

Sazon Booya – Moonlight EP by Sazon Booya

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