What’s up everyone.

Umb asked me to start writing some articles about all things glitch. I thought before I got into profiling individual artists and going deep into genre discussion, I could start things off with just a little list of some of the tunsies I’ve been digging as of late. Some of the tracks are older, some are new. You’ll probably recognize a couple.

Well aren’t you special.

Here we go!

Dysphemic – Star Chaser

That filtered, arpeggiated synth is so fat. It’s like someone asked a ninja to make a glitch hop track which could also double as the theme to every Sega Genesis game ever made. Just listen to the first 10 seconds of this song. Then start the track over and listen to it again. I did that for about 4 hours.

Opiuo – War Cod feat. ill-esha

Different feel to this one. Lighter and upbeat. And Opiuo is one of the kings of glitch, in my opinion. Also, what is it with Australia and putting out such high quality producers? Must be something in the water.

Bang Gang – Inside (illestrait Remix)

This right here is one of those you-maybe-sort-of-heard-of-this-guy kind of producers who happens to make GREAT MUSIC. I definitely recommend that you go straight to his Soundcloud and download everything. Because it’s all free. And it’s all good.

Wandering Moon ft. Zefora (from 'The Ghosts inside a Moonchild' album)

Okay this right here is some way-out-in-left-field type shit. Give it a chance. You’re going to like it.

Liohman – Mornringtone

Crazy Bulgarians and their crazy ass music. This track is a little older, but this joint is still so FRESH.

DJ Shadow – Scale it back (Blunt Instrument Remix)

This is getting a little more to the hip hop side, but it still has really nice crunch to it. Blunt Instrument rocks, regardless.

Check back over the next week for more glitch-related tunes, artist profiles, and philosophical discourse. Ooooh, you know you like that. That sounds sexy.

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