Back for another week of the Moombah-Thong Invasion! Here are some of my favorite tunes of the last week!

Daud came to me via inbox as most new producers do, little did I know the utter amazement I would feel whilst listening to his latest tune! This is how Nu Jump Up and Moombahton can mix! Perfect elements from both styles! Looking forward to more from Daud!
Sweets (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION* by DaudMusic

I admit, I am not a big fan of Moombahsoul but I can definatley appreciate a well made track or in this case bootleg. Simply perfect
Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River (King Kong ”Go On And Just” Bootleg) by kkingkong

Moombah-Thong can now say they have a theme song! Unofficial, but I will claim none the less! Also I remember the Thong Song being one of the first videos where I discovered my love for booty as a kid
No Body – The Moombah-Thong Song (DJ 4HEAD! edit) by DJ 4Head!

Not many transition tracks into and out of Moombahton, but now I can add this bad boy to the library. Going from 110-128, this track is perfect after dominating the dancefloor with Moombah and wanting to go into Electro/Dutch

Pendejas Transition (Rez & Des DJ Tool) – Tittswoth & Alvin Risk by

Old track but I dont give a fuck, so many tracks now aday with so much going on. Sometimes you just need something simple and moving. Big ups to Oh Snap!!
Oh Snap!! – Pan Blanco by ohsnapmusic

– Sanka

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