“Let me tell you the truth. The truth is what is, and what should be is a fantasy. A terrible, terrible lie that someone gave to the people long ago.” – Lenny Bruce

As my hero above profoundly and deeply stated, what is is the truth and what should be simply doesn’t matter because it isn’t. I can go on and on about what this means with many examples (and have many times) but I’d rather add to it instead. I wish to add the truth about seeking what COULD be instead of wasting time in depression over what should be. What could be can be addressed at any moment in time when we are dissatisfied with what is. It can be a positive decision to make things closer to the way we want them in our lives, it can be a motivational plan or thought of how we wish to expand on an idea or even business, or it can be a positive/negative thought about how things could be worse and how lucky we truly are to be what we are and where we are.

I wish to expand on the motivational approach to what could be. Without wasting anymore time drowning in the what should be I’d rather focus on where we are and where we can go. I’ve had several conversations this week dealing with what could be. Dealing with immigration, economics, but most closely to this blog and what I want to address most here, getting people exposed to and interested in nu cumbia and all the other underground future sounds. As I’ve mentioned in a recent post, I among others have been desperately trying to make a scene for nu cumbia and the like here in Phoenix. And it is a continuing struggle. The people want top 40. We (my friends and I) have made a strong standing decision to never put ourselves back in the top 40 world and instead wish to focus on the music we feel passionate about. In the states believe it or not we really aren’t that open to new ideas. Just south and north of the border there are parties we wish we could have here. It’s odd that the “New World” and “Land of the Free” is so opposed to new things. It might be our corporate mentality. Who knows? But we keep struggling and keep fighting because I see a future where the music can truly bring the world’s cultures together breaking down walls while keeping respectful to the traditions. I know it can happen here because I see it coming from all over the world. Matthew Mansfield of Piper St. Sound in Atlanta, Georgia knows what I mean as he pushes for this ideology in the south east at the same time as me in the south west. Basically I’m saying we’re fighting to make this scene bigger for the US so when all of you from other countries wish to come here to tour you will be greatly accepted. I’m also saying I’m proud of the rest of you around the world who read this blog. I’m proud of what you all accomplish and hope the US will join you soon.

What could be? A world of respect and love for all the music the many diverse cultures offer.

Take this week to think of what else COULD be and find the motivation to turn what could be into what is.

DJ Javier Estrada and Mama Testa (Adrian Mendez) are prime examples of musical pioneers. Coming both from Mexico with deep respect for the roots (especially Javier as we’ve seen so much of in the past) they both push forward with innovations that both move me and excite my senses. This is a deep one from them consisting of a sound I hope to hear more of in the future.


Always deep and smooth is the sound that comes from producer Dany F another innovator of nu cumbia with his minimalist style


Black Mandingo appears again this week under the Sub Klub label. Sub Klub releases some great tunes from many artists as well as keeps up with an informative blog. This is a true nu cumbia with strong emphasis on the word “nu.”


Erick Rincon has been dropping tons of 3ball as you all most likely know. This week a new video featuring Erick and Los Primos de Durango was released. This is great this is what I hope to see more of in the future.

Steve Tellco came out with this smooth jam recently. Yet another innovative nu cumbia with new comer to the cumbia world Sam the Eagle.



Remixes and edits this week are really diverse. First off I’ve the new track from DJ Pika with his Daft Punk (Nintendo) cumbia remix.


Remixes of Manu Chao almost seem to be expected. With that being said I’ve yet to be disappointed. Here is a good new example from Orale Style. I like this remix more than the original to be honest with you.


Chico Sonido dropped this instrumental edit of Los Daddys. I’m not sure why it took me this long to hear it and post it here but I’m glad I did.


A big tune this week came from the three dj collective La Typica Sound System in Bogota. Well titled My Style Cumbiero is a remix by member Luigi Sound Selectah.


I’m happy to post another remix here by my friend Rafael Aragon. He brought his unique sound that I can always recognize as his to WEPA members Will Eede and Self Evident’s track. Rafael always shows the artist he remixes tremendous respect with his incredible style and approach.


That’s it this week and I leave you with some homework. Ponder about what could be so we can make this world even more awesome.

Anyone who wants to talk to me about the Lenny Bruce quote please feel free as I love to talk deeply about the truth.

Best regards cumbieros!

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