I’ve heard some pretty piss-poor Moombahton Rock edits but here’s one that demonstrates how to do it properly!

This would rock most alternative dancefloors anywhere in the world!

ACDC – Back in black (Kovary moombahton bootleg)FREE DL!!! by Kovary

More about the artist:

Kovary – besides being the frontman of the famous electro-pop band called NEO – as a producer/dj is a well-known member of the budapest party life. His first three ep was released at NoisePorn Records (USA) last year, his new EP is due to release in november 2011.

Peter became a huge music fan by the age of 8 that was followed by buying his first guitar and addiction to music. His first band, Ragdoll , was founded together with his younger brother during high school years.

After Ragdoll’s split-up, Kovary joined NEO (http://www.facebook.com/#!/theneoworld ) – a succesful and famous hungarian electro-pop band – in 2003. NEO has produced 5 records, 14 singles and loads of remixes, some of which came out in the European market as well. In their homeland, the group has won the awards of ‘Video of the Year’, ‘Best Act’ and recently received the prize for ‘Best Soundtrack’. What best describes style they have evolved, is a unique mixture of various musical trends in which the individual features of post new-wave, dark and electro-pop sounds with indie-pop-like melodies. They composed the soundtrack of the film called “Control” (directed by Hollywood based director Nimrod Antal) in 2004.The sountrack album was published by Warner Music in more Europe , has achieved great success and won 14 awards throughout the world making the band’s name widely known. Through the years NEO toured all over Europe and supported bands like Kasabian, Massive Attack, Duran Duran, etc.

From 2004 Peter works as a composer and producer for pop music acts (The Trousers ), film ( Control), TV / Radio, and other productions ( General Electric, RTL).

From 2007 Kovary has a succesful DJ career,he shared the decks with acts like Justice, Busy P., Yuksek, Fake Blood etc, his tracks and remixes were played by famous djs and radio stations. His style is a unique mixture of nu-electro, funk, house, disco and moombahton. Peter also produced official remixes to artists like Bunny Lake, Gotheki, Jacqiroks, Zagar, Hangmas and The Trousers, Neo and Compact Disco. His new EP (MoombahstiK!) is out on Beatport soon.

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