A Short and slightly late post but the bleeps and beats aren’t dead!!! Will try and do some kind of Yearly Chip Bass wrap up next month. Picture from Pixel Troopers.

This Latvian will not be stopped. I know I give this guy a lot of love in these posts but he consistently does everything right. Solid original beats, tight production, killer bass sound design and overall a uniquely “Kodek” sound and maintaining a unique sound and style within the constraints of Chip music is a real talent! This free track furthers the Skwømp sound into Skwugg .. totally taking the piss with these genre names that I assume were never meant to be genre names but hey it sounds great!




Keeping the skwømp alive we have some more tunes from KeFF this month, still bringing some great wonky beats… from what I gather these are two live recordings of jams and I am really liking the direction they are taking!


Bad Praktise by KePHF



Philly Bass monster SKGB has been ultra prolific this year and while a bunch of tracks have been hit and miss it is great to see someone unashamedly flying the chipstep flag and the first track on this is large!! .. Also this release has a physical version that is essentially 8 customised SKGB condoms (one for each track?!?) so there is always that as well….. right?


Blip Fest Tokyo

So this Month Live Recordings from Blip Festival Tokyo which took place in October began to surface. Below are two stand out Chip Bass live sets from Japan’s own Cheapshot and Minikomi. A few recognisable tracks but a whole tonne of new unreleased stuff as well.. Definitely some of the best Chip Bass in the world right now

Cheapshot Blip Tokyo set by cheapshot

Minikomi – live @ blip tokyo 2011 by metrodub


Ville Wannabe

I like that I am often able to find at least one new artist to feature every month and this guy from Finland deserves it. A glitchy 2-step Chip remix of a Submotion Orchestra tune. Very gracefully executed and even though I can hear the chip elements it doesn’t matter the tune holds up on its own without needing gimmicky arps or the like.. DOWNLOAD NOW

Submotion Orchestra – Sunshine (WNB remix) by Ville Wannabe

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