Our very own Mata Hari alongside Global Bass producer Filastine present – GO by Professor Angel Sound – the first release since the rebirth of their label/pirate ship/rebel stronghold – POST WORLD IND.


The artist lineup on this release is insane, Professor Angel Sound could not have asked for a more suitable squad to backup his official entry into the global bass scene. Unfortunately any fame will serve him little right now as the Profe’ is locked up in a Panamanian jail cell serving a long sentence. Like a breaking news report, the press release reads:

Angel Francisco López, aka Professor Angel Dust, was a leading figure in the electronic music scene of Barcelona, deejaying and throwing parties until 2008. Returning from a dj gig in Panama, López was forced to act as a drug mule. He was
busted at Tocumen airport and is currently serving a long sentence in a Panamanian prison. Unstoppable, the Professor built
an improvised music studio in his jail cell to produce GO, fusing old school dance tricks to a reggaeton dem bow riddim. The
result is a moombahton banger.

Let’s help this man find escape in the little cell he is locked up in by buying the album or a tune — “All the profits from this release go to equip the behind-bars music studio of Professor Angel Sound. ”

Enjoy the tunes people, the original track GO is up for grabs if you act quick.

Professor Angel Sound Remixed by Post World Industries

 Continuing his longtime solidarity for global justice, Filastine is in the process of producing two short pieces of cinematic art.

our goal for these videos is not only to make something beautiful, but to confront and indict the catastrophes that are the very fabric of our globalized economic order.

The two pieces are:

Colony Collapse is filmed at sites of ecological friction, the fault lines of conflict between humanity and (the rest of) nature. We snuck into a gas drilling site gone awry, and performed in the midst of traffic jams in a megacity where those fossil fuels get squandered. We filmed in a landscape of garbage, and in a supermarket where all that discarded packaging originates. This is the slow-motion apocalypse, uncomfortably close and personal.

Gendjer combines a lost style of clandestine Indonesian soul music with traditional shadow-theater as a ritual of counter-hegemonic brainwashing. Get it? You will when you see the video.

Finally, show some love to the new label by liking them on facebook, they are truly dedicated people following their hearts and love for music to bring awareness to the real struggle of our brothers and sisters around the world.

my name is WIZRAELI and I approve this message 😛

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