You don’t hear or see very much of this kinda thing, Dubstep Turntablism, and it’s from my home city, Birmingham, UK.

Although, I’ve kinda grown out of brostep, this is still a very worthwhile peek and is followed by some Dubstep Swing courtesy of one of the members!


From the darkness came…the Brotherhood of Filth.

The Brotherhood of Filth, are turntablism’s answer to dubstep, and one of the freshest new acts to hit the scene.
“Scratching and dubstep…?!”

Consisting of three times world DMC Champion DJ Switch, Malicious DJ & The Doctor, the Brotherhood come armed with 4 turntables, 2 mixers, live FX, as well as bass-crushing rhythms and unrivalled technical skills. They push the boundaries of live mixing unlike any other artist, delivering scratched-up, soul-bleaching, mayhem-energised, bass-driven filth. No tune is left alone, no breathing space will be conceded.

The Brotherhood have current releases on Chronos Records (Green Fingers with Dezi Roots), and Beta Birmingham (Railgun), with more tracks and colabs on the way, watch this space.

DJ Switch, The Doctor, & Malicious D have years of experience of smashing dance floors: from England to China, Wales to Thailand, and France to Uganda; and have performed alongside many artists including QBert, Pendulum, Public Enemy, Andy C, Foreign Beggars, Excision, Scratch Perverts, Borgore, Freq Nasty, Doctor P, Nero, Paul Oakenfold, Goldie…

The Brotherhood are involved in a number of other projects pushing the boundaries of live music, including the Alternative Dubstep Orchestra (link at the bottom of page), and DJ Switch performing live at the BBC Proms.

The faith is all welcoming. The message is being spread. Dare you miss the chance to hear it?

Destroy (Free Download) by The Brotherhood Of Filth

Penniless Optimist ([email protected] in the [email protected] remix) by [email protected] in the [email protected]

Night On The Town by [email protected] in the [email protected]

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