2011 is soon coming to an end, it has gone so fast! Did you accomplish personal goals set for 2011? Did you find love or happiness? Did you expect to go down the path you are now on? More importantly, did you expect Moombahton to turn out the way it has this year? We all know the impact the genre has had so far, but I think 2011 will be a year to cherish no matter what happens in the future.

What do you think will happen in 2012? Who will be the stand out artist? Will it be Dillon Francis? Heartbreak? Munchi? Someone new? Will Moombahton be on commercial radio? So many questions and only time will tell. I have had an amazing time learning about this genre, and being slightly apart of a dominating movement. I hope you all enjoyed the music also.

A few artists I will be having a closer eye on and expecting big things in 2012


Everyone’s classic movie experience as a child can now be relived on the dancefloor! TEKNiCOLOR taking us back in time with some perfect samples of the animated film, The Lion King. Again I say perfect sampling with a heavy core drop! Shit is unexpected as hell!


Wes De Graaf has been an addiction for me, never ceases to amaze me from his first track 4 months ago until now. No doubt we will be seeing his name a lot more in the new year. Using lines from Ice Ice Baby with a heavy dutch drop. This will impress any dance floor
Wes de Graaf – Iced Out Bitxhhh (Original Mix) by Wes de Graaf


Raydah is actually a blog contributer to one of the other blogs I help out, but that is not the reason why he scored a slot in this post. Remixing Hugs & Drugs track and dropping a massive grime bomb right on the head. Hope your stomach can handle this

Hugs&Drugs – The Wrath Of Krang (Raydah Moombahcore Remix)[Out Now On Digi10ve.com] [FREE 320 DL] by RAYDAH


You should all know of this LA super duo. gLAdiator have made 2011 their bitch! Being recognized as one of LA’s biggest Moombahton acts. And I very much doubt they have any intention of slowing down. Remixing fellow LA duo, Planet Rocks tune on their latest EP. If I didn’t love Lazers already?! Planet Rock – Lazrbeam (gLAdiator Remix) by gLAdiator


– Sanka

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