As some of you might have guessed (those of you who have at some point checked my tracks out (thanks)) I’m a slave to down tempo. And what I mean by that is even when I approach a new production with the desire to make a banger I seem to always end up slowing it down with heavy focus on melody. Maybe I listened to too much Enya in the past (not on purpose mind you) or maybe and more likely it’s my love for cool modal jazz of the 50’s and 60’s. Miles Davis in particular whom for which I cite as my greatest teacher (don’t tell any of my living teachers I said that).

This week I’m going to come at you slow with tracks heavily focused on melody and melodies within melodies (thanks Miles). I start off with my friend Alex Ovando aka Cybernetiko. Cybernetiko recently released his first album into the public for the first time ever. Containing productions from the years 2001-2003, (I remember those years, man was I the biggest idiot in my early twenties) this Alpha release showcases Cybernetiko’s love for electronic music with beautiful melodies and cumbia fusion.

Everyone can download it for free for the first time here Only Cybernetiko and his brothers (the boys in the band Grupo Klons) have heard these tracks until now. Here is a taste of Alpha courtesy of Cybernetiko’s SoundCloud account.

I’m loving the piano on this one.

Here is a beautiful production from Sonido Desconocido II finding its place perfectly in this week’s post. Its 10 months old now but I won’t discriminate just in case some of you haven’t listened to it yet.

It’s about time someone produced a cumbia for the moon. I wish it was me but I’m too late. Charrasquita beat me to it. I love the minimalism in this one (minimalism is another love of mine).

It’s great to see Abel Digital producing more tracks again. Abel keeps the heart of Peruvian psychedelic chicha in his work while exploring new sounds. His new track is very repetitive in a minimalist way however I wish not to call it minimal because there is too much going on for that label. Truly spacey and deep, this one is smooth. Good to see you on here again Abel.

H.D.L.T. brings cumbia into a dark emotional realm creating some of my personal nu cumbia favorites. I love his sound so much I need to devote one blog post to him in the future. Hopefully he comes out with a new EP soon. Here’s a dark moody one for your senses.


Pa Kongal moves fast when it comes to remixes. What I mean by that is he’s releasing brilliant remixes at least once a week. And what he does with Cumbia Coqueta is awesome. Pa Kongal brings it into a true nu cumbia experience.

Down tempo extends obviously to chopped and screwed remixes. I always loved watching people dance when a dj mixed into chopped and screwed cumbia. Sit back and chill to this remix of Los Mentas’ El Clavo by Gianko.

Like them or not Calle 13 tracks almost always flow well as cumbia. WEPA or more specifically Self Evident of WEPA produced this dope remix of La Tribu.

Wishing to end on a beautiful note I chose another moody one by H.D.L.T. Here is a beautiful remix of a very well known tune Fiesta de San Benito with the unique touch of H.D.L.T.

Short and sweet this week but all good in my opinion (otherwise they wouldn’t be on here). I’m off again to Vegas this weekend. (Four Vegas getaways a year isn’t that excessive right?).

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