REACTABLE GLOBAL SOUND out of Barcelona have dropped a new 9 track album fusing cumbia, house, moombah, hip hop and more with a turntablist sensibility. Opening with the chunky slow hip house of Blanco Soldado Amor, dripping with dirty sax samples, the album progresses through Latin electro-hop (Dorado Life About), deep cumbia-hop (Verde Tropical Bass), digi-latin and digi-balkan funk (Rojo Sangre Sexo and Azul Jinete Profundo), transnational old-school breaks (Naranja Dragón Fuego) and an insane psychedlic digital cumbia adventure (closing track Negro Mashup Quadraphonk).

Although few of these tunes are straight away recognisable as Moombahton, most of the album hovers around the 100-110 bpm mark and there’s a strong dembow going on, so maybe we can think of this as one of the first proper long players to arise from the moombah scene. Amarillo Perro Vagabundo is more obviously a straight up moombah joint but with a strong latin / cumbia feel, and Lila Babe Bridge is a stand out tune with its deep moombah / slow house vibe – these two are probably the strongest dancefloor tunes on the album.

Released on a pay-what-you-want basis, so you can grab it for free, or even better, give them a little cash so you get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from financially supporting an artist even though you don’t have to.

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