Artwork by Kostas Acifrut

This is finally coming out on Monday next week. I’ve been working hard on putting all this together for the past few months and this is the FREE compilation. There will be another Official Compilation going worldwide on a commercial basis next year. Also there will be a FREE Volume 2 that Moomba-Thong’s DJ Sanka will put out early next year!!!

This started out as a 1 CD thing but I managed to get so many great tracks that I had to extend it to a 2 CD thang and it’s all banger no filler!

Conceptualized, compiled and sequenced by DJ UMB
with track contributions from Carlos Equis (
Mastered by Vincent Koreman

Produced by Umb & Vince

The full thing with tracklist drops for free next Monday on Mixmag!!!!

For now here’s a specially curated banger of a mix put together by our girl Vicious Viv who’s my pick as one of the New Wave Dj’s to keep an eye on and hence why she was requested to put together this blinder of a mix for us!

Generation Bass Presents:: New Wave of Moombahton Vol. 1 by ViciouzViv

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