On December 15th 2011 the US congress approved 662 billion dollars for defense. More weapons, more carnage, more waste of money. Call me crazy but I wonder what would happen if say instead blowing all that money on “war” efforts we USE that money as a gift. For example feeding the approximate 4 billion people starving in third world countries, think about it that’s just 4 billion of the 662 billion dollars if we paid for at least 4 billion dollars of food and that’s a lot of food. Why not build better water irrigation systems throughout African countries where millions die from disease due to poor water? That can’t cost more than say a couple billion. We still have a lot left after that too. Maybe I’m wrong and don’t have my numbers right as far as how much it would cost to feed the impoverished world (which happens to be most of it) and how much it would cost to provide healthy clean water to African countries. But I can’t be that far off. I’m positive it would be a lot less than 662 billion dollars. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I doubt any of you will.

The USA has the ability to provide a new world. We influenced the modern world as it is through our “freedom” of thought, with our ideologies. Why are we squandering this precious gift? It amazes me truly. I wonder (and maybe I’m dreaming but I don’t care) if we stopped funding “wars” and “defense” and started a powerful campaign to end world  hunger, disease, and all kinds of oppression, how would the world respond? We’re going under to be honest and it’s a good thing. Because of our foolishness we are now in turmoil, pretending to be okay. I’m eager to see the true America return to its original plan. Then we can grant amnesty to all the “illegal” immigrants who aren’t criminals (which is by far most of them).

Sorry for the rant. Just planting seeds, it’s what I can do so I’m doing it. Just throwing it out there and maybe someone will listen. Who knows?

This week I have a lot of amazing cumbia to share with all of you. I’m both surprised and happy with the great work that’s coming out lately. I’m pleased to see nu cumbia and the likes growing and influencing new producers. Without wasting anymore time (like my nation wastes money) let’s dig in!

Electroteca is getting much exposure and appreciation lately which is well deserved. He shared this amazing track with me last week and it grabbed my attention immediately. Labeled cumbia soprano this track brings a whole new style to nu cumbia and I hope he among others explore it more.


Turbo Sonidero Futuristico presents his challenge of creating a new cumbia (tumbia) under two minutes once a week. For week two this is his track.


Changoramico pleased my senses tremendously with this new gem. A cumbia fusion that excites and makes me want to get the hell up off my ass and dance.


Matthew Mansfield the head of Piper St. Sound studios fighting the good fight in Atlanta, Georgia continues to release some of the best tracks online. From dub to cumbia to world music he is on top of his game. His recordings are solid with an air of focus and professionalism. Transnational is the best description for this track. It fuses several styles in a way that flows naturally. Also I wish to congratulate Matthew and his wife on their new baby coming into the world next summer!


The next two tracks are from the same guy with different personalities. Den5hion and Siete Catorce both always push the envelope creating new innovative sounds. First off is Siete Catorce’s Esa Noche.


Den5hion tells us (or someone in particular ;)) Buenas Noches, Te Amo.


DJ Dice brings us this banger of a cumbiahton/moombahton track exploring the depths of moombah and cumbia alike.


From Sweden comes this next organ synth heavy cumbia (at least that’s what I hear). It’s a dope jam you’ll enjoy fully.


Cosita Dulce is a percussion heavy funky cumbia jam from El Criollo which hits the spot on my quest for innovative music with soul.


Damn you think these are good? Me too, I told you this is a dope week!

Paying tribute with what Petardo (Cumbia Dub Club) cleverly calls Indiotroniko, is this traditional Peruvian jungle gem mixed with modern beats.


With clever hints of COULD YOU BE LOVED mixed in with a coughing sample and a deep repetitive melody, Spike Devil Disco presents a perfect track for kicking back and doing whatever.



Reggae, dancehall and dub commonly if not always flow perfectly with cumbia. This is something we see a lot of and here is a good prime example.


Another perfect example of this fusion is here with Mykol Orthodox’s refix.


Gameboy serves up some krunk cumbia with a couple new remixes. First off is Laffy Taffy.


Second is Juicy Cumbia which is done showing great respect for Biggie. Gameboy does it real here with accordion samples. This is not just some acappella with a redrum it’s an all out creative remix.


DRXL produced a smooth extended mix. I think maybe I hit on nu cumbia too much sometimes so it’s nice to feature this one here this week.


I’m going to leave you with something crazy. I’m actually going to put a Xmas track on here as much as I despise the holiday; this is a fun way to express my opinion of it with a bit of mockery. Thank you Randy Salazar Jr.


As I sort of mentioned earlier on this post, there is an awesome exciting air of innovative nu cumbia going around and this post is a great example of that said air. (I hope I’m writing that correctly).

Next week I’ll try my best not to dump too hard on Xmas (notice I take the Christ part out ;))

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