Got to give it to our girl Sarah, albeit, she is not that well known in our Global Bass Scene worldwide, she has started to make an impression in the UK and now, slowly, further afield too.

This girl gets things done, and she is proving that with her Scene Selection series for Mixmag and also now with this new free mix CD that she has developed and released in partnership with WeSC Stores in the UK.

She is helping to take this scene to places where it has not been before and that can only be a good thing in my book.  It also requires a lot of hard work, door-knocking/cold-calling and belief and you have to respect that alone.

So I took some time out to do a little mini interview with her in Jeremy Paxman stylee about the new Moombahton Queen CD release title and here’s what she had to say below but before that we got a give-away to give-away.

First 5 people to tweet Sarah “Send me one of those MF CD’s” will get a free copy posted to them by Sarah.

Tweet her here:

1. Tell us who you are and a bit about what you do :

I’m a DJ, just starting to produce and got my first 4 track EP coming out next year, for free so as to make it more accessible.

2. How long u been involved in the Moombahton Scene.

For about a year and half/2 years. Started out observing the scene, reading blogs and listening to remixes on youtube then got involved.  Haven’t looked back

3. You been getting some flak from those within the Moombahton scene for calling your CD “Moombahton Queen” and sub-titling it as a UK Introduction to Moombahton. what’s your view/take on this and what were your intentions?

Yes a slight bit of controversy, but its ok. The title has a deeper meaning for me it also has multiple meanings, which its allowed to have, not everything has to be black or white, especially in music.

My name in Hebrew and Lebanese means Princess, and I grew up around my mother who always wanted to empower me in a ‘mans world’, so she always said ” Sarah, don’t forget, all women are queens, put value on yourself’.

The mix is called Moombahton Queen, I am by no means calling myself ‘ the Queen of Moombahton” just to iron that out. For me I love Global Bass and Moombahton, the scene is tight and strong, so I see everyone involved in it as Kings and Queens, every one of us is battling through a mine field of musical pessimism.  I also really respect the women involved who are repping and working hard, there are not very many of us, so it was a nod toward the Queens of Moombahton also.

People can interpret the title how they like, but it has a special deeper meaning, for me anyway. People can get bogged down in arguments and politics, but this aint grime, this is Moombahton, and ultimately this is a really positive creative project with an abstract meaning behind the title, which again is OK and allowed.

4. Tell us a little bit about the mix…

From kinda the start of 2011 I was in talks with wesc about this mix, and from the start I knew I wanted to include the tracks that when I first heard them I was just like, ‘woah thats a game changer right there’. Each track every time I play it out, even to people who are ignorant of the moom movement wile out. There were so many rmx’s and tracks I wanted to include but I just picked bangers that even to someone that say only loves uk bass and grime, would still be like, oh dam thats a riddim. its got some UK talent on it too.

5. How do you think this CD will help to raise awareness for Moombahton in the UK or in other words what do you hope it can achieve?

Well working with a big brand like WeSC has been really interesting, they have a great international reputation and are a big headphone brand in the UK, to pair up with a mainstream brand like WeSC, with a Moombahton lead project is a big look for the movement, simply because people that wouldnt have come across this music before will now have access to it.

Through linking up with WeSC, its given this mix a brilliant platform and hopefully will get people hooked to the whole movement. And its a free cd, so its really accessible, which I like and wouldnt have any other way.

The ideal result will people will hear the mix and look up the producers and artists on the mix, and then start researching and get involved.

6. What’s next in your plans for Moombahton.

Production, and concentrating on making originals. Also I’ve got some projects and collaborations with what some people might call ‘mainstream or pop culture’ brands next year.

I think its important to not to be snobby and have this genre just be so exclusive, I’ve never played moombahton to someone and they’ve gone, ‘ahh nah, not feeling that”, the reaction has always been ‘ omg, where can I buy this music?’

So I wanna try and open up a new audience in the UK to it, there’s a market, they just don’t know about it yet!!

7. The Mooombahton scene is quite protective over its history and main figureheads. I read or heard somewhere that you allegedly said that you were slowing down Dutch House to 108 bpm’s way before anyone, and before Dave Nada had invented Moombahton, How true is this and if it is true, can you explain why u were slowing it down?

Big up Dave Nada all day, he’s a don, a real innovator and visionary . I never claimed to be doing anything before anyone, the world is a big place, so people get inspired by different stuff all that time 🙂

But yeh, well as a dj I started out djing grime, but I grew up around Reggae and Reggaeton/Latin Music. Also when I was 17 I met my best friend, who is dutch, and so I always used to go to Holland and was introduced to dirty Dutch House raves, which I loved, but missed the off beat sexy vibe of the Reggae and Reggaeton parties I used to go to.

Originally I wondered what it would sound like if dutch house sampled the vocals of some classic Reggaeton tracks, but back then I wasnt into production, so at a few gigs I tried to combine the two genres. to be honest, I didn’t have enough technical ability or confidence to really carry that idea on and develop it, but yes, back in 2008 Dutch House and Reggae/ Reggaeton featured heavily in my sets, I just found it hard to mix!

When I read about Moombahton and discovered the work of Dave Nada, I was so excited, finally a sound that combined all the elements of shit I loved, and a producer I could look up too.

8. What do you have in store for the future?

2nd release with wesc in new year, free global bass EP coming out in Feb/March. I love radio and that medium, so exciting radio things happening from Jan 2011 on. Carrying on my mix mag series, international tour later in 2011 scheduled.  Website re launch, and got a really interesting accoustic music project planned. That’s all I can say.

Thank You Sarah for clearing up some of the myths and best of luck with your future releases!

Listen/DL this xcellent mix Sarah did recently for the BBc Asian Network and read some more info about the Moombahton Queen CD below, which incidentally includes tracks from some of our very own Generation Bass Official and free releases.



WeSC x Sarah Young would like to introduce “Moombahton Queen” mix.

Representing Global bass and Moombahton, Sarah Young and WeSC have teamed up to bring you the ‘Moombahton Queen’ mega mix, a mix that is dedicated to all the moom kings and queens and innovators, as well as acting as a UK introduction to the 108 bpm genre, this free cd release is to be distributed across selected UK WeSC stores. This mix demonstrates the diversity of the genre and it’s global influences from hip-hop, dancehall, soul and reggaeton inspired tracks. ”Moombahton Queen” features remixes and originals from some of the best names in Moombahton and global bass. Go grab your free cd at selected UK WeSC stores from 20 / 12 / 11.

The mix will be available as a free online download after Christmas.

About Sarah Young:
22 year old dj Sarah Young representing global bass started dj-ing after attending the academy of contemporary music for 3 years studying songwriting, vocal training and production. Her first gig being booked to play along side Chipmunk and Natty, she has since spun internationally including playing at nights in Holland, Lithuania, New York and Paris. She has since worked with artists, producers and dj’s such as Donaeo, Mz Bratt, Mistajam, Toddla t, Swindle, Jammer, Roses Gabor, David Heartbreak, j2k and Redlight and hosts a weekly show on She also recently appeared on the infamous Friday night VIP guest mix on the BBC Asian network, as well as guesting on BBC radio 1xtra.

About WeSC:
The name WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy symbolizes what WeSC as a brand and company represents: a group and family of good, competent people working toward the same ideal. Offering menʼs, womenʼs and kids, including a full range of collection pieces, accessories, premium denim and headphones, WeSC is a recognized leader in street-fashion. WeSC was founded in 1999 and is today available in more than 20 countries. HYPERLINK “”

About Moombahton:
The musical movement of Global Bass that being, kwaito, kuduro, moombahton, moombahcore, balitmore club, baile funk, reggaeton, bangrah, arabcore and everything else in between is lesser known in the UK, but with an incredible amount of International hype and support from UK djs such as Toddla T and Smutlee, global bass and moombahton is what some might call, the next big thing.

For more info on the mix and Sarah contact:

[email protected]


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