Tis the season! A Parang mix from Marflix is my only concession to Christmas, but man it’s a good one. Then we got M’Siou Rigolitch with a balkan-swing-punk-metal excursion and some afro-latin-funk-house from Empresarios


I had to include at least one Christmas themed mix this week, and if you listen on you’ll understand it had to be this one. Marflix is your guide to the world of Parang.

Parang is a seasonal folk music from Trinidad played around Christmas time. It’s very likely that Parang was brought to Trinidad by Venezulan migrants. Parang is usually played by small bands with Cuatro, Guitar, Shak Shak (Maracas), Toc Toc (Claves), Mandoline, Bass Box and other instruments. In Trinidad, traditional parang music is largely performed around Christmas time, when singers and instrumentalists (collectively known as the parranderos) travel from house to house in the community, often joined by friends and neighbours. While the traditional Parang is sung in Spanish, the modern version – Parang Soca – is in English.

Marflix – We Parangin 2011 by Faluma

DOWNLOAD: Marflix – We Parangin 2011

Mastamind – What Is Christmas Without a Rum
RemBunction – Macafouchette
Ajala – Bring Yuh Rum (buy this track: buy at Amazon.DE)
Ricardo Drue – Fork
Sliver & Ice – Eating Everything
Da Spirits – Sweet Bread
Preacher – Ah want a liquor
Leon Coldero – Ron
Marcia Miranda – Bring Out De Ham
Annoited – Brint Out The Rum
Scareface – Free Drinks
King David – Trini Christmas
Generation X – Christmas Again
Sharla Dianne – Christmas Morning
General Grant – House_to_house
Ken “Professor” Philmore – Christmas Stagger
Ataklan – Christmas Stagger
Sheldon Blackman – Home 4 Christmas
Bunji Garlin – What is Christmas
Scarface – Theifing Santa
Gen-Ex – Ah Different Christmas
Jadee – Ah Touching Down
Renice – Ah Sweet Christmas
Denise Belfon & The Family – Mandolin Fiesta
RemBunction – Baila La Parang
Baron feat. H2o Phlo – De Sweetest Christmas Lime
Ziggy Rankin – Woman For Christmas
Leon Coldero – Bella Trinidad
Patch – All I Want For Christmas
Crazy – Maria
D’ Chancellor – Rum and Parang
Annesia – Bobolups
Creig Camacho – Garlic Pork
3rd Bass – Who Party Is Dis
Ronoman – Bachellor
3 Amigos – Rum Confessions
Patch – Nothing
Shaft – Tabanca Christmas
Chucky – Ole Time Christmas
Pelf – Last Brush
KMC – Iceless Christmas
D’ Chancellor – Why Yuh Drink Meh Rum?
Francine – Hurray Hurray
Bindley B – Santa Say
Crazy and Friends – More love for christmas
Neisha “jus’ tis” Guy – I pay fuh dat
Young Voice – Loving Neighbor
Marcia Mirinda – Rund de Bread
Fuki – Suzie
Relator – Bottle & Spoon
Merc – Puncheon
Sprangalang – Bring Drinks
Chai – De Parang Cyah Done

M’Siou Rigolitch

Appearances by The Dreadnoughts and Diablo Swing Orchestra near the beginning – whose albums Polka’s Not Dead and Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious are two of the finest of the last ten years – cemented this on my must-listen list. Obviously not a huge amount of mixing on show here with mostly rock based tunes, but the selection is epic, a real education for anyone wanting to dip their toe in these waters…

Kyyhylly – Alamaailman Vasarat
Vodka Inferno Diablo – Swing Orchestra
Goblin Humppa – The Dreadnoughts
Soupe ! Porcs ! Moutons ! – Jabul Gorba
God Is Busy, May I Help You? – Kultur Shock
Da Mama – Russkaja
Gankino Horo – Farmers Market
Jaj, A Világ! – Napra
Bubamara – Boikot
Ciocarlia (Live) – Gert Wilden & Orchestra
Immigraniada – Gogol Bordello
Yidu Tramvayem – Haydamaky
Lentava Mato – Alamaailman Vasarat
Meecztow Revolution – Flying Pooh
Chabib Diare – Cankisou
Villain – The Barons Of Tang
Cuidado – Vicious Hairy Mary
Marsz Turecki – Brathanki
Heavy Nagila – Boney Nem


Deep afro latin tropical vibes right here from Empresarios.

Empresarios – Sabor Del Año Mix – December 2011 1 by Empresarios

1.) Empresarios – Sentimiento (Original Mix)
2.) Javi P3z – De Rhumba (Original Mix)
3.) Quantic & His Combo Barbaro – Un Canto A Mi Tierra (J Boogie Remix)
4.) Kidboy – Change De Manteca (Original)
5.) Captain Planet feat Fredy Massamba – Dame Agua (Original Mix)
6.) Empresarios – Bestia (Original Mix)
7.) Captain Planet feat Fredy Massamba – Ningane (Original Mix)
8.) Mr. Confuse – En Movimiento (Una Mas Trio Remix)
9.) Empresarios – Bailando (Bobby C Sound Remix)
10.) Valique – The Journey (The Uptown Fellaz Remix)
11.) Anto Vitale – Majico (Doruk Ozlen Remix)
12.) Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel – Sexmachina (Extended Version)
13.) Dubtribe – Do It Now (Tom Middleton’s Cosmic Dub Mix)
14.) Second Sky – Art of Influence (Empresarios Remix)

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