DJ Apt One just let loose on some great give-aways, here’s what he says:

It has been a pretty amazing year, I got married, put out a lot of music, finally released a new RCMP record, found myself on BBC1, NPR and a Dimitri From Paris mix. I went lots of new places and met lots of new people and, thanks to DJ Ayres, we re-booted Young Robots Records with some great new acts!

I wanted to make sure that all you fine DJ folks had some of the tunes I put out this year.

1. DJ Apt One & Skinny Friedman – Kick It
2. Mark Reeve – Carlito(DJ Apt One Remix)
3. DJ Apt One – Yin Yang(Edit)
4. DJ SS – The Lighter(DJ Apt One Remix)
5. RCMP – Strings
6. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Spottie(DJ Apt One Edit)
7. Spinners – I’ll Be Around(DJ Apt One Edit)
8.Cameo – Rigor Mortis(DJ Apt One Edit)
9. Polish Our Act(DJ Apt One Philly Edit)
10. John Legend – Rolling IN the Deep(DJ Apt One REmix)
11. York Street Hustle – We Can Work It Out(DJ Apt One Edit)
12. DJ Apt One – USA Party Break
13. Sniff & The Tears – Drivers’ Seat(DJ Apt One Edit)
14. The Beatnuts – Se Acabo(DJ Apt One Remix)
15. AVH x Eddie Thoenick – Witch Doktor(DJ Apt One Remix)
16. The Hollies – Long Cool Woman(DJ Apt One Edit)
17. Willie Hutch – We Gonna Party Tonight(DJ Apt One Edit)
18. Diana Ross – Love Hangover(DJ Apt One Edit)
19. Rihanna – We Found Love(DJ Apt One Tropical Vers)
20. DJ Apt One – Four Four Walk (Blend)
21. DJ Apt One – Menergy x Good Lovin’
22. Frankie Lymon – Little Bitty Pretty One(DJ Apt One Edit)

All of these can be found in these two mediafire zips:

DJ Apt One Year-End Freebies Vol. 1

DJ Apt One Year-End Freebies Vol. 2

Most of my recent official output is in the “store” section, so check those out and help some good folks put food on the table if you have a chance. We also have lots of other artists on Young Robots who did great work this year whose work you should cop!

Looking forward, here are some of my official releases to look for in 2012-

Philly Int’l Recs 40th Anniversary Box Set (Edits)
RCMP II (Remixes EP)
Fich So Saxy” Single
Nico’s Gun – “We Could Die” Remix
Gregor Salto – “Bouncing Harbor” Remix
Red Meat” Single
A DJ Apt One disco EP
Fonksquish EP
Devon Thompson R&B singles
Strange Danger, a collab with Sammy Bananas

I am always down to collaborate on fun projects and play in fun places, so hit me up!!

Have a happy and safe holiday season and New Year’s, I’ll catch everybody in 2012!


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