I can go on and on with the problems I have with this holiday season but I’ll spare you with all my yuletide disgust. The world got a nice present when Kim Jong Il croaked regardless of North Korea’s annoying attempts to make his death seem supernatural. (Supposedly an iced-over lake was shaken by a thunderous boom at the time of his death). I should be in a sour mood with the passing of Christopher Hitchens but all week I’ve been rediscovering his lectures reminding me how we’re all originated from stardust. This observation comforts me in ways a religious person might find odd and confusing.

We at least in the US had our poor hearts sink for a few moments when the rumor of Jon Bon Jovi’s death hit Facebook and other social networking sites. Well I should say many of the US citizens hearts sank, don’t put me in with them. Actually it opened up my eyes a little. As I’ve been so annoyed with decisions in congress lately and the over-all economic problems here I’ve been fighting for smaller government and more individual rights. The reaction before this rumor was found out to be a rumor (probably started by Bon Jovi himself to stir up some much needed publicity) showed me the true face of many US citizens. With the passing of one of the most profound literary minds of the 20th and 21st century and the passing of an evil totalitarian Korean midget we apparently were more shocked and moved by Bon Jovi possibly being dead. To all those citizens that were involved with these heart-sinking Bon Jovi death moments, please don’t vote during this next presidential election. That’s just my suggestion.

That being said this is however a time we should pay attention to those in true dire need of help (year round would be nicer). In a perfect world there would be no Christmas which turns out to be more painful for most of the world. I promise I won’t go into why I think it should be abolished here anymore, instead because I can’t help it there is a special place here where I live that takes in kids when their lazy (normally drug addicted) parents can’t take care of them. These kids know about Santa Claus and they know about presents but these kids are tougher than most. They know and believe but also expect Santa not to visit them. They’ve come to terms with this “reality”. If you can find it in your heart or bank account let’s shock them! Let’s bring them a Christmas morning where they are surprised that Santa didn’t over-look them. It’s a crisis nursery here in Phoenix with a hard working underpaid staff taking care of these kids year round. One of the long time staff members is a good friend of mine. Give if you can even if you detest Christmas like me (it’s not the kids’ fault). Here is the link to their site where you can like them on social networks and donate if you can. Thank you. http://www.crisisnurseryphx.org/index.htm

Now to the great music I have for you this weekend. Capitol K is at it again. I liked this track before I heard it. Being a big fan of Art Of Noise and Capitol K alike this makes for a perfect marriage. Also it’s a Cholita Sound edit. Capitol K captures the mesmerizing sounds of Moments In Love with Cholita Sound and cumbia in a way only he knows how.


In Peru there is a gold mining operation in the Andes that’s contaminating the water which in turn is making many people ill and killing them. Water contamination is a serious problem in many parts of the world and I personally believe there should be some international laws put into place to keep it from happening. As I stated in last week’s post one of the biggest problems in Africa is water contamination. Good clean natural water is more necessary than most of us in the “first” world think. This tune is by Kuto Quilla Selektah which is about the water contamination problem by the miners in Peru. Let’s see what we can do about this.


I’m a little late on grabbing this next one but at least I finally did. Dragao Style releases some dope tracks and it’s my pleasure to post this one. The percussion and awesome bass line drive this street cumbia.


Cherman of Folcore released some dope tracks this past week! I chose carefully. This one is my favorite cumbia hop.


Mashing chicha, Mecano and tropical bass, Enrikisimo brings us this nice banger. I don’t know where his mind was when he was producing this but I’m glad he let it go there.


I put up some SoulRebel recently but I couldn’t resist this one for this week. It’s a crazy cumbia jam with a tight bass and funky organ. It also has a nice jazzy bass solo in the middle.


To mellow things out a bit let’s enter the world of Municipal Soul. With an awesome deep minimalist feel this track deserves massive respect. This is perfect for taking something to slow you down and kick back inside your mind.


I want you to stay chill for a moment. Cumbia-muffin is perfect for such moments. Orarle Style delivers it.


Sonido Rural produced a mix tape to present his dopeness and he succeeded with this one. I regret not giving Sonido Rural more play because he work is great and deserves a big presence in the cyber world.


Suavecito with its many remixes and edits in the past even though some are great they don’t compare to this one by G-Flux and Afrodita of the collective Space Cumbia.

By it here: (sorry I couldn’t get a pretty link image) http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/suavecito…-suavecito…/id491217141

Listen to it here:


Los Chicos Altos presents this tropical breakbeat (with hints of cumbia) mashup of Copia Doble Systema’s Intergalactic Revolution. And it’s seriously good work.


The first time I heard a Lady Sovereign cumbia edit was when Negro Moreno dropped this one by. I wouldn’t think it would work but it did and Negro Moreno is the reason why.


I’ll leave you with this. Inspired by Bill Hicks, I’m a U.S. citizen only because this is the country where my parents fucked. I’m not proud of the U.S. because of this fact, I’m proud of what the world originally wanted this country to be, though it isn’t quite that way anymore.

Happy Holidays

P.S. Next week I promise not to rant so much please accept my apologies.

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