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All the way from the Land of The Rising Sun, Japan, comes our first EP of 2012 from the magnificent Himuro.

HIMURO YOSHITERU is a top notch producer, blending IDM and modern bass sounds into something super fresh. He started out in the late 90’s and was a label mate to acts like Squarepusher and Freeform, but in the last couple of years has developed a distinct style of bass music and dubstep-ish vibes that are both playful and upbeat.

Don’t expect heavy handed samples and dark breakdowns from this dude, this is aimed at the feet and the chiptunes influences gives the tracks a very enjoyable and positive vibe. In his music you can still hear the fast IDM sample chopping and little breaks, but the glue that binds it all together is a dense, heavy, gut shaking bass and hard hitting drums and percussion.

His talent was already recognized by the late great John Peel, who featured him several times on his show, in 2012, Himuro joins the ranks of the expanding Generation Bass family, who are very happy to have such a heavy hitter on board, doing this EP with them. Don’t sleep on these tracks, this is the now sound of bass music…

Follow him here:

Himuro Yoshiteru


And take a listen to this beauty!!!:

Himuro Yoshiteru – Glass Breaking from his EP – Coming SooN by djumb

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