Fresh off their rafter-raising North American tour, it’s the UK’s preeminent dubstep duo Skream & Benga. Known for their bass-centric brand of sci-fi sonics, the pair now scorch Scion A/V with this new five-track EP. From their early studio releases on Big Apple Records to their group project Magnetic Man, these childhood friends have put in the necessary work to take their sound from its niche London origins to an awesome level of international prominence. Step to it!

1. “Phat Head”
Snazzy synthesizers and a shuddering bass add
up to this roof-raising slice of instrumental soul.

2. “Nefariousa”

Perhaps inspired by the UK duo’s recent experience touring the USA, this track shows why darkness is sometimes so darn appealing.

3. “Ice Cream Jelly Roll”
Carbonated sirens, percussive grumbling, ruthless repetition, and even a quick nod to four-four house?
No one else delivers big bass dubstep quite like this.

4. “Electro West”
Guaranteed to drive your nosey neighbors back
where they belong, this rave-blasted slab comes
with its own intruder alert alarm system.

5. “Any Steppers”
Thinking about taking a leap across a bottomless
crevasse separating two columns of jagged black
ice? Here’s the song to listen to while you do it.

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