All people share one thing in common, regardless of culture or race, regardless of religious dogma, the desire to reach as close to a permanent state of euphoria as possible. I can’t honestly address the wrong roads to this euphoric state but I can address one correct one. As I’ve written before of Lenny Bruce’s “what is and what should be” understanding and the focus on “what could be” addition by myself, now I add how one should respond to the truth of what is. Lao Tzu wrote about this long ago in the Tao Te Ching, the ability of knowing how to move with time. This means knowing how to respond to reality in ways that bring oneself a peaceful result. When things don’t turn out the way one wishes them to be (which is quite often in life), knowing how to respond to reality and to act accordingly is a true path to peace. To cultivate this ability appears difficult but it most definitely is not impossible. Honesty with one’s emotions towards reality is a big step, and then moving with time (the act of knowing what to do and when to do it) brings a peaceful conclusion one hundred percent of the time. For example when someone you have strong feelings for does something that upsets you, knowing how to respond with the love you feel for them always brings out joy and peace in the end. This is my wish for everyone in the New Year. Try making this the one most important resolution. Learn to move with time with your heart and all will be well and as close to a constant sense of euphoria as possible. As you do this learn to treat everyone with immense love and respect in all situations (try for especially those you disagree with and always of course those that you love tremendously so you don’t lose them).

For the coming of the New Year I suggest starting with a journey to the highest altitudes with Will Eede’s newest beautiful Andika mix.

I suggest to always keep an eye on Will Eede and WEPA because they are always coming out with consistently good productions.

To flow rather perfectly with Andika and euphoria is Sonidos Profundos set with Mish Mish recently uploaded to SoundCloud. These three tracks are deeply moving. I can honestly say this sound is why I love nu cumbia as much as I do.

Taking us deep too is Turbo Sonidero Futuristico’s new release. It’s been a work in progress since last March but now is out for our listening pleasure which I am grateful for.

Dany F is another on the top of my list of favorites. His love for deep cumbia productions is something I am also grateful for. I love entering his world when I listen to his work.

I’m a great lover of low frequency oscillation and the use of it with the bass on this next track is really cool. El Rey Llama uses it as a true instrument and not just an effect. Actually everything going on in this one is dope. This is music designed for the brain. If you ask nicely maybe he’ll let you download it so you can spin it at a club. It deserves a good booming sound system.

One of the best out there is Don Beto as we all know. Though heavy on moombah I still feel this is a good post for his mixtape to appear. There are plenty of cumbia elements going on. Check it out after his short promotional video where he quickly shares his message.

For fun take a look at this fun little video Caterina Purdy just posted!

Another thing to look forward to is Lata’s new EP teaser!


I have some good edits and remixes for this last post of the year. First with Orale Style a beautiful and I mean beautiful edit. If you want to feel really good right now turn it up!

Deltatron brings a nice nu chicha sound with his dumbiaton to the table. A true Peruvian gem.

I have to admit I’m not too familiar with The Bog and Elsa though when I heard Dr. Cr4ck’s awesome electro cumbia remix I knew I had to share it here.

The party isn’t over yet. Actually it’s about to get crazy! I’m as sick as the rest of you with LMFAO but this is awesome! Better than the original El Salto Del Tigre steals the glory from LMFAO with this one.

I can’t stand Good Charlotte with their whiney sound. I’m sure most of you agree. But I have to give it to Kantiw for this 3 ball remix. It’s really dope. Kantiw is keeping up with a consistently good job of producing 3 ball remixes. Kantiw is definitely one of the best in this genre.

Keeping up the energy with this crazy dnb/cumbia remix I bring you Sistema De Sonido Urbano new production.

DubConscious is releasing a new EP this year of remixes. They will release the EP at the beginning of the New Year but I’ll happily give a sneak peak of the track I remixed for them. It’s a cumbia dub I hope some of you like. I slowed it down and made it spacey.

Cumbieros it’s a new year granted to us to push beyond where we’ve been. It’s a new year to innovate with our music, our performances, our mixes and our pursuit of peace, love and respect.

Here’s wishing you all the best in the New Year!

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