Here’s a REPEAT of what I said exactly almost 1 year ago, gotta say a lot of this actually came through as being true 🙂

Of course the New Wave of Moombahton Compilation demonstrated just how far this scene has come in just 1 MEGA year for Moombahton!


2011 might just end up being the year of Moombahton and Moombahcore!

I think it has the potential to emulate the success of Reggaeton worldwide!

Of course, it might also not do what we hope for or expect, such is the nature of the music biz!

However, with Nada working with Switch for a dubsided release, Heartbreak & Munchi being signed up by Mad Decent and Generation Bass Digital and a growing audience and appetite for the genre worldwide, the signs seem too good to be true.

However, like always, suppose we’ll have to wait and see and assess the success or failure by the end of the year!

Here’s a nice lil’ taster for 2011, the year that Moombahton & Moombahcore ruled the world..ahahahhaa!


My tip for one of the rising Moombahton stars of 2011!

We’ve pencilled in a release on GB Digital, let’s see if the boy can deliver but I bet my bottom dollar that he will MORE than deliver!

This is designed for commercial dancefloors worldwide and a lil’ sign of things to come!

Hay Consuelo (Obeyah edit) by obeyah


This dude share’s more than just a name with the other DJ Sabbo from Israel.

They are also both exceptionally gifted in turning their production skills to a range of different genres, which makes distinguishing one from the other, even more difficult.

This track demonstrates the huge commercial potential for this genre, it’s a huge start for the Moombahton invasion of 2011.

Here’s what he says:

A little holiday Moombahton gift for everyone!

I took my favorite Layo & Bushwacka tune called “The Next Level” and made an extended Moombahton edit. I added lots of percussion, a few African vocal snippets here and there, a little Native American flute, removed the only “progressive” sounding part, and extended the track by layering the synth. Its a long, deep, and hypnotic journey. Much respect to the original version and its producers, I hope I was able to maintain the originally intended spiritual feeling.

Feliz Navidad and Happy 2011 mi gente!!!!

Next Level (Sabo’s MoombahDeep Edit) by djsabo


By now you should all know that Moombahcore was invented by Monsieur Big Hair (lol..aka Munchi).

There’s a real beauty in having this as a sub-genre to Moombahton because it showcases a sometimes more aggressive side to Moombahton, which for Dubstep heads like me, is a dream come true!

My only concern atm is that there’s not many original tracks in this sub-genre yet. So it remains to be seen whether it can translate well with original tracks.

This, by Sonora, follows the Moombahcore tradition to brilliant effect, awesome track!

Pacheko – 930 (sonora moombahcore remix) by SONORA


DJ Orion is another exceptionally gifted producer and as we know he cross-pollinated Moombahton with Tribal Guarachero & Footwork to create Boombahchero, which I thought was really good stuff man!

Here, he tries his very capable hands at Moombahcore and pulls it off as usual!

It ain’t got a name (Orion Remix) – Rough Cut by dj_Orion


I already said a couple of days ago that Heartbreak is going to be one of the rising underground stars of 2011, let’s remind ourselves why!

Emalkay When I look at You (Heartbreak’s I love Moombahcore Remix) by David Heartbreak

King Kong by David Heartbreak


Moving on to one of the main and pivotal guys in the scene, Dave Nada who created Moombahton, by accident.

One of the best accidents to happen last year I’d say and so thanks Dave!

Nadastrom – Rum & Coke EP by T&ARecords


Whilst Nada is working with Switch, Diplo has got his hands on our Munchi. Pretty soon, he will be everybody’s

Top marks to Diplo & Switch for keeping their ears open to the underground cause they could have been so stuck up their own arses that they might have missed this completely. Full credit to both of them for not missing out on this. With them on board, the potential for both Moombahton and Moombahcore to explode internationally is looking more and more realistic as opposed to just a pipe dream imagined in my head!

So, for me, Munchi is one of the “reigning” Kings of both Moombahton and Moombahcore. To his credit, he also invented Moombahcore!

Here is the evidence:

Dillon Francis & Dave Nada – Brazzers Theme (Munchi’s Fuck That It’s Bangbros Rmx) by Munchi

Moombahton by Munchi

David Banner ft Lil Flip – Like A Pimp (‘Munchi has bad table manners’ Moombahton Edit) by Munchi

Bassanovva – Chickenlover (Munchi Likes Em Fried Moombahton Rmx) by Munchi

TC – Where’s My Money (Caspa Rmx – Munchi’s Kinda Agressive Right Now Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi

Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi

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