In no particular order I thought I would go through some of my favourite Chip Bass releases of 2011. I think there were some real classics that came out this year that defined the sound and direction that artists have and will continue to explore.

Cheapshot – zOMG!

The definitive Chipstep release that all others have and will continue to be compared to (Download here). It is great to see that he made his mark with this release and then has moved on to new Chip Bass territory with tracks like the Tokyopop remix. Also congrats to the man behind Cheapshot, James York who became a father just before the new year (he has assured us music will still be written and created in 2012, looking forward to it!!)


Monodeer – NOISE.BMP

Every track on this release is solid, having such an advanced grasp of sound design, rhythm and general massiveness it is a must have from last year. Monodeer also put an impressive show on in Tokyo this year which I am sure is going to mean we will see this guy touring about the place soon. Heavy Hard Dark Big


??? – Wall you need is love

The Canadian artist known only as ??? really made a mark with this release early in 2011. His light dub-influenced rhythms, heavy bass and absolutely heart warming melodies really make this one of my favourite music releases in any genre this year honestly sooo very good, things have been quiet from him recently but hopefully we will get some more of this in 2012.. Download here.


Chalices of the Past – Yucatan Explorer

Chalices of the Past has a distinct and unique sound, with their lo-fi tropical vibes. Distorted steel drums, massive kick drums and wonky chip melodies what else could you ask for.


Kodek – Organ1s3d Gr1m3 II

Kodek put out a bunch of great releases this year but my god this release just blow everything out of the water. Download it now

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