GENERATIONBASS reaches 3.000.000 visitors!

We are putting together a comp with freebies. Please note that the last couple of comps we put online have each reached almost 10.000 downloads, and we expect this one to go that route as well. So we call on YOU to send in your track. If you are a CUMBIA, MOOMBAHTON, GLOBAL BASS, KUDURO, DUBSTEP or other kind of electronic “global music” producer.

Please note that the track you send us HAS TO BE AN EXCLUSIVE!! We don’t want to put together tracks that everyone already has… it can also be a new remix/edit or version of another track, but keep the quality in check, and realize that a LOT of people will be hearing this cut..

We need your track as a WAV or AIF file. A 16 or 24 bit 44.1 Khz WAV or AIF file to be precise. DON’T send us mp3’s because they will be deleted!!

Send us A LINK to your track. Be CLEAR as to what the artist and track name is in tagging the track. Anything not in this format WILL BE DELETED. Yeah a lot of rules, I know, but it takes us a lot of time to sort through this stuff… We will get it mastered and sequenced for an end of January release via our blog and all our brothers and sisters’ blogs…!

So send an email with ‘GB 3 milli freebie’ in the subject line and send me the track before JANUARY 13th 2012. –


[email protected]

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