Stepping away from my jazz listening binge right now (well right now is relative to when I wrote this) to get the cumbia out and up for the week. I was thinking yesterday how crazy it is that I am the blogger for such a prestigious blog (Generation Bass) and my specialty is cumbia. If you asked me a few years ago if I ever thought I’d be doing this let alone produce nu cumbia, I’d not see much possibility for this reality. That goes to show you that it’s always a good idea to keep doors of possibilities open because you can never know exactly what you can experience. I’m a white guy in the U.S. and cumbia is my bag. It’s a trip to write those words here but it’s the truth. The thing about a musical genre is though it may be regional in original conception, it’s still music and music can speak to anybody anywhere around the world. It’s an honor for me to present my findings and spread the word of nu cumbia around the net. It’s also been such a pleasure meeting many diverse dj’s and producers from around the world. By doing this I found one thing to be true; we are not that different. Maybe culturally yes ok but at the heart of things we’re quite similar no matter where you’re from. I feel like I’m breaking down walls that have been up to long at least in my life. The connections I’ve made have proven this to be a great thing.

I just wanted to share that feeling of joy and appreciation for what I do here. Sometimes I may seem too pessimistic and other times maybe too preachy but at the end of the day I can honestly say I love what I do.

To start things off this week I am going to the roots of cumbia with Jack Posada’s help. There are two sides to his third installment of his Cumbiambero Loco series which explores the true roots of cumbia. This is where we start with the sounds of cumbia and how I choose to start this week.

Side A is as Jack puts it uplifting and tribal and Side B takes an influence from Peruvian version of cumbia which adds psychedelia.

Jumping far into the future this is a great example of where cumbia is going or rather where it is. Sonido Desconocido II continues to produce great original work and remixes.

Let’s go now far into the future. The most futuristic decade I can remember that is, to the 80’s! Chong X is crazy with this one. It’s funny, fun and too good not to be on here. Super Cumbia Bros is an awesome title. I’m not sure exactly how he went about doing this but I’m glad he did.

I have two other mixes that I MUST post here. Everyone knows Bleepolar. He’s a genius artist and producer in Colombia. His first ever dj mix was recently uploaded. It doesn’t sound like a first. Somehow I knew his first would come out great. And it did!

Folcore is at the forefront of nu cumbia and to prove it here is a El Timbe vs. Cherman mix with many greats on it.

I’m glad the New Year is under way now. The holidays seem to drain me more and more every year. Copia Doble Systema dropped this one for the New Year. I don’t mind revisiting New Years for this one. I truly do hope this is a happy new year. But I guess that’s up to me.


I’ll start the remixes section here even though I know there were remixes above but I don’t care. I’m writing this post so I’ll go ahead and make this call.

This one blows me away to be honest. The Teddy Bears are seriously old school. I was shocked by this choice for a remix alone but even more shocked with how much I loved it. Andres Digital is dope is all I can say.

Some of the coolest cumbia mashups come from Le Cumbianche Disco. I’m glad I get to post their work here again. It’s a cumbia-disco mashup of Black Box and El Grupo Parchis.

Last I have a hard hitting bass chicha from the always good DJ Chakruna. He rockin the new chicha sound hard down there in Lima, Peru and this is a great example of what he’s capable of.

I can’t get over the fact of how nu cumbia is growing and expanding these days. I promise to stick around for as long as possible to share the genre pushing of nu cumbia producers. As it is a major pleasure for me to be a part of this world. And it’s been surprising to see how many of you in the cumbia scene have kindly accepted me into your cultures. Long live CUMBIA!

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